United Voice: a new party in England that wants to make public schools more Muslim friendly

Here is a new party in England that wants to introduce aspects of Sharia law under the guise of muliculturalism and ecumenism. I wonder where Richard Dawkins lives?

Single sex teaching:

Increasing student performance through single sex teaching. Single sex teaching is the most preferred format for parents in Tower Hamlets, seen through waiting lists at all the single sex schools. Offering single sex teaching in mixed schools will allow all schools to balance their intakes and improve community ties.

Teaching family and moral values to prevent crime:

Making Citizenship lessons more relevant to the needs of the community and including more discussion on the merits of family structures. Increasing amount and level of discussion about morality, linking to sexual exploitation, violence, drugs and other criminal activities to show students the hard realities of these behaviours and their consequences
Making school assemblies more spiritual and with greater emphasis on rights and responsibilities. To ensure that the message being delivered is consistent with the expectations of parents, preventing an identity crisis amongst the young.

Teaching parenting to the next generation:
Curriculum to include guidance on types of relationships, discussing how and why marriage is considered to be so important in many societies

Sex education promoting responsibility and marriage:
Sex education should not be part of the primary school curriculum
Not promoting sexual promiscuity. The message being delivered to children should not see contraception as the primary method to avoid pregnancy and STI’s, rather abstinence.
Promoting the institution of marriage between men and women as the preferred type of relationship in which to have sexual relationships. Again consistent with the views of the majority of parents

Developing a responsible attitude towards sexual behaviour
Reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies
Sex education that presents both sides of the argument

Teaching all ideas about the origins of life:
A curriculum that provides an opportunity to discuss all ideas about the origins of life
Provide students with a balanced view about creation and evolution
Allow students to make their own conclusions

A debate on the re-introduction of capital punishment:
To provide a deterrent to those who believe that taking away the rights of others is acceptable

Protecting children from violent / explicit media / pornography
Providing parents with more guidance about ratings of films and games so they are very clear about the nature of the content
Computers should have default settings that block inappropriate content
Pornographic and extreme material should only be accessible with credit card details
There should be no bars and clubs with erotic/nude entertainment. These venues undermine the rights of women and bring an area into disrepute

Faith and Family
Belief in traditional family values:
Building strong families where children are given the best support to develop emotionally, mentally and physically with a clear identity and the ability to make sensible choices

Freedom of worship:
Allowing all people to practice their faith without fear of criticism or redicule

Upholding values common to all major religions:
Building strong communities based on common values

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