"Under God" Button Plus Bible Means No Job

According to a story from WPTV.com (a Florida TV station's web site), an employee of Home Depot was let go after repeatedly trying to wear a button that said "One nation under God, indivisible."

The story points out that the employee, Trevor Keezer, had worn the button for over a year with no issues, but only was asked to take it off after he added a bible into the mix...

Then, last month, when he started bringing his Bible to work, Keezor says his manager confronted him about the button.

"That's when I was told it had to come off, or I would be sent home. So they sent me home for six straight days without pay. And then today they terminated me," he said.

From that point the story plays down the idea that it was the bringing of the bible to work that caused the managers to act, and focuses on the button, and Home Depot's offer to let him wear other buttons with a similar patriotic theme without 'god' on them.

Again, from the story: Keezer said he preferred to wear his button because, "you can't have country without God. Every pin they showed me had no 'God' on it or anything."

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Comment by Frink on October 24, 2009 at 12:16am
Good riddance.
Comment by Galen on October 24, 2009 at 1:26am
While it goes against my nature and my own beliefs, I must stick up for this man here. He did nothing wrong and they had no right to fire him. He's entitled to believe whatever he wants and to express it publicly if he so chooses.

That being said, I suspect there's quite a bit more to this story than has been told to us.


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