The UK election looms and I have doubts about about the labour party, I have always voted for labour, all my life I knew them to be the party of the people and to an extent they remain so. My home city of Glasgow , home of thhe famous glasgow rangers is a socialist hotbed of political thinking and I have completely lost my place, bollocks.

I honestly dont know if I will vote labour this time, i might even not vote, than not vote for labour. I could easily vote the concervative but their history in scotland means that they are still hated albeit not as much as before, although i agree with a lot of their policies.

I also know that a conservative vote anywhere in glasgow is a wasted vote, that leaves the scottish nationalist, I am a proud scot but also a proud British citizen so out go the nasty little nationalists and this leaves me with labour.

what do i do, whatever I do i will do it stoned.

take care

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