Udile's Story... a fictional tale where Satan speaks for herself.

I wrote this short story in 2007 when I was a Senior in high school for a creative writing class. In English class we had spoke of the sympathetic view of Satan in "Paradise Lost," and how God was portrayed as almost evil in the story. I felt inspired! Although I didn't believe in the Devil, I always thought he had been given a "bad rep" so to speak. I felt sorry for the imaginary Satan of "Paradise Lost." So, I set about to reinvent the story of Satan's fall and to redefine and add my own stuff to the biblical stories of the fall of Satan and the garden of Eden. So... here's "Udile's story."

My name is Udile and I am probably the most misunderstood person in the universe. Allow me to explain. A couple hundred thousand years ago, the most complex ape of God's creation, homo erectus, evolved into a group of thinking animals. It was into this group that I was born fourty thousand years ago.
From the time I was a child I was a beautiful girl. Many of my tribal neighbors loved me dearly. My hair was the color of the midnight sky and it floated if even the slightest breeze touched. Many people were very religious, refering to God as the "Almighty One." I was a model woman, devoted to my family and the Almighty One. I dutifully went to his altar to offer my penance, my latest knitting and a song of praise. It was on one of these occasions that my simple tribal woman's life was to change forever. It was a cloudless, moonlit night when I came to offer thanks to the Almighty One for a successful hunt. I wore my celebration gown and bracelettes that dangled from my wrists and ankles. Suddenly I was blinded by an overpowering light and the beautiful voice of the Almighty One called down to me from heaven.
"Dearest Udile, You have been a faithful servant to me for a long time. You are pure, just, and compassionate. Therefore, I have come to a decision. You are chosen among women for my most sacred position. You are to be the Moral Teacher. You will teach mortals who have died to recognize the wrongs they have done to others. The process will be immensey painful to your pupils, but once they have been cleansed of sin, they will join me in heaven. Do you accept this position?"
I bowed my head and answered meekly, "Anything you ask of me Lord, I will do." As soon as I spoke these words, I was stripped of mortality and a body was bestowed upon me by his gentle hands that would withstand the ravages of time. A pair of white feathered wings sprouted from my back as a tree sprouts from the ground.
"These wings bestow the gift of flight upon you, my disciple. With them you will be able to cover vast distances in a short period of time."
Two golden, spiral horns grew out of the crown of my head.
"These horns can bless any woman barren so that she may produce the fruit of life."
The last thing that I was given was a golden staff with three prongs, the power to teach morality to the human spirit.
For a time, I was reverred as a saint among mankind. Men and women asked me to deliver messages to the Almighty God. But then, something happened in the heyday of the rule of the Roman Empire, something that was to bring me to eternal ruin.
The maochistic demon, Chaos the Deciever, had been imprisoned by God for thousands of years after he bewitched a snake to trick Eve into eating fruit from the tree of knowledge. Chaos, that was his original name... but he was to give himself another... he called himself Christus... the Christ, a name he bestowed upon himself as he lay in prison plotting his revenge against me. Afterall, it was I who exposed his trick he played on Adam and Eve. He hated me, and he hated God and all who loved him. Unbenknownst to me, however, he had begun to hate me the most. "Why should God choose a woman to do his most sacred job?" Christus fumed. Women were week and lacked the physical strength and aggression of men that he valued the most. He knew that he couldn't remove the gift that God had given me, so he set out to make human beings hate me. He disguised himself as a man and entered the town of Nazareth in Judea. There he concocted up a story about being the son of God and in fact a part of God himself. He used his powers of illusion to trick the people into worshipping him. He cured the sick and preached observance to his enemy, God... all for the sake of elevating himself. He told them that I was God's most hated enemy, a man of great evil powers that would try to turn them against him, the Christ. He fed them lies that I had betrayed God. he told them that if they did anything wrong, they would go to (what was obviously and imaginary) place called "Hell" where I would torture them for all eternity. He also gave me a new name. He called me "Satan."
The people cursed me. They reviled and spat on me. They called me their "Great Adversary" even when the languages and times of people changed, the name stuck to me like a curse. Satan.
Oh, Father Lord! Don't they understand that I'm trying to help them be good? I watched helplessly as they dragged out innocent people and accused them of working for me. Still, God did nothing. Chaos, or Christ, has vanished. I doubt if I ever shall see him again or gain back my dignity. I sobbed my agony as I heard the shrieks of those accused of working for me burning at the stake.
Please don't believe Christ... Chaos... Jesus... whatever you want to call him. My name isn't Satan, it's Udile. I would never harm you, honest.

This work is a work of fiction. It is not intended to insult anyone, just to make you think. Also, please don't repost this story to Christian sites. I do not intend to have this story used as a weapon.

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Comment by CJoe on May 30, 2009 at 5:31pm
This would fit quite nicely into the Bible Fanfic group :)...


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