Recently I started to engage in conversations with religious people. The thing that disgusts me the most is their perception of morality. They can go on for hours speaking how it's immoral to use condoms while sitting and eating a steak. They say it's wrong to use embryos for stem cell research but see nothing unethical with animals being tortured in laboratories. Some of them even don't see anything particularly bad about priests rapping children. And they dare to teach me about morality? If I don't think the Ten Commandments is the code to live by that means I'm immoral? Excuse me, but you have no idea of what morality is. 


P.S. Forgive me my mistakes. English is not my native language. I understand that is not an excuse but I did my best :)

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Comment by Lindsey on June 19, 2011 at 9:23pm
Christians believe that God put animals on earth to serve them. They don't have souls, therefore they can't really suffer or feel emotions. And it's clear that they don't really give a damn about "potential humans" because they don't seem to care about them anymore after they become actual living humans. They only care about enforcing their ideology.
Comment by Dara on June 20, 2011 at 4:18am
^ Animals to are living beings and they to dont deserve to die but in order for us to live we need Red blood either by chicken cow pig or fish we need proteins without meat eaters the world would overrun with animals and not all christian's are meat eaters. And for those people who tell you about mortality is wrong because it is not right for priests to rape children or anybody to rape somebody else, and alot of Christian's will tell you whats wrong and whats right if it sounds stupid to you you know it's not right just tell them it's wrong for them to teach on being immoral when they to are immoral.
Comment by Gabriele Vaitkeviciute on June 20, 2011 at 4:25am
And that's what really troubles me. They only want you to act as they do but not because it's moral but because Bible says so.


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