Tulsa Oklahoma is VERY religious.
There are quite a few MEGA-churches, and a few bible colleges based here.
A coworker today made an interesting point. She wondered if the strong christian influence here in Tulsa wasn't caused by the OIL being discovered here in 1905. Lots of money was to be made up till the crash in the 1980's.
It seems to me there's always this connection between where the money is and religion.
The catholic church/Spain/conquistadors/gold.
The catholic/protestant bloody battles in England land/gold/silver holdings held by the churches.
The middle east ....oil.
Faith and salvation are doled out and sold in a bargain between blind brainless sheep being used (votes)
to maintain the "guys at the top" in their power and riches. But these methodists and catholics and baptists etc, who gush on Palin, and threaten us with everlasting damnation haven't a clue what patsies they are.
The serious, scary matter of this is how dangerous they are to the planet. let alone society.
Thank you Obama for passing stem cell research!!
I work at a department store and deflect all the "have a blessed day"s that I can. And my rote comeback to "Merry Christmas" is, "Its not my holiday, thank you" (yeah, I can make a list of replies I get.. they ALWAYS follow up asking me if I'm jewish.)
This week I have had two customers start the conversation about "going green" and what an absolute crock it is. (the pending summit on their minds of late?)
I want to leap over the counter and strangle some sense into them. I want to tell them how selfish they are. I would love to tell them that if there were a god who is as they claim, he would be so heartbroken over how we have raped this planet's resources. He'd be so disappointed in THEM as an individual for their denial that we are swiftly poisoning the air and land and water.. Global warming aside.. WTF is morally wrong with putting up windmills and solar panels? Adding mass transit that people will USE!!!???
the 1st customer to piss me off was very expensively dressed. SHE started in and made stupid comments like "the US is already the greenest country in the world" (WTF?) and Europeans are the REAL polluters.(WTF?) Her words ---> " If I hear the term "green" one more time I'm going to scream" What do you want to bet her portfolio carries a LOT of oil based holdings? $$$?
This one guy, today, spouted off about the stolen emails of the environmental scientists.. This time I jumped in."Where did you get your information?"
"The internet."
"Which website?"
"I don't know, a few of them"
(Katie Couric asking Palin what newspapers she reads played in my head..)
"But which ones?' I PRESSED.
I still didn't get a straight answer.
"Well, " I said.as a coworker squirmed a little. "I caught the story on NPR.. one of the scientists who's email was hacked..."
I didnt get to finish of course. See he's older.. probably wealthier and Im just a department store clerk..
"Those are the guys who are lying to us about this global warming junk. So you're going to go ahead and believe them?"
(This is the line that he could have complained to the manager about me. remember, this is Tulsa.-->
" You rather believe a sneaky anonymous hack who broke the law and was able to copy and paste and rearrange the info??"
"Well. they just want to make their millions selling us the crap we don't even need by scaring people into this global warming stuff. HELL! Im now being charged and EXTRA $16 by the airlines for them to plant trees to "offset" the carbon emissions flying creates"
"Have you ever planted a tree?" I asked. "Trees really do produce oxygen...and.."
'Oh Hell, you believe THAT crap? I'd like to see that they really plant any damn trees.." as he walked off.
WTF people? I guess once they get through the pearly gates.. or get those 72 virgins.. all will be fine with them? Who cares what we leave behind for the next generations? Epigenetics means nothing to people like him. He most likely only knows what FoxNews has reported on it, if they even bothered to.
I'm preaching to the choir here on this wedsite. I have no voice I can direct to the faithful. I need to start going to church. See Jay chat up the christians in the vestibule She Jay get dirty looks Watch Jay get thrown out with "gentle" force.
What should a dialog be? What if we each did some Holy Mass Crashing?
Oh! I'm just frustrated. "the new atheism"? I DO want to get out there and proselytize. I want bill boards.
There must be that "religion gene" causing people to cling to this crap and fear the fate of apostating.
Its so drummed into small children. Or they get ya after a major life trauma , or they force conversion for marriage. Multiply the army.Pass the collection plate. Buy the congressmen.
The world is cursed.
"The first clergyman was the first rascal who met the first fool" - Voltaire
The rewards are far too good to give it up .


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Comment by Wendy on December 5, 2009 at 6:38am
Devil's advocate - windmills actually can be bad for the environment, as they are a hazard for birds in flight. Obviously, that's greatly dependent upon what birds are in the area, but yeah... Windmills can be bad. Only argument against solar panels is A) it's hard to store the energy (so far), and B) they take up lots of land space.
Comment by Matt on December 5, 2009 at 9:51am
The whole hazard for birds argument sounds so ridiculous. The windmills are tall pillars with propellers on the top of them, it's not as if they are invisible or anything. Birds don't fly into things that are in the air just because they are there. Couldn't it be said that sky scrapers and airplanes are hazards to birds as well because they are in the path of birds?
Comment by Kirk Holden on December 5, 2009 at 12:50pm
First it was Guns, Germs and Steel (Jared Diamond) that got us from hunting and gathering to the interwebs, a series of tubes.

Now American Theocracy (Kevin Phillips) depends on Oil, the GOP and dept.


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