Let me introduce to you those clerics whom dedicated their lives to brainwash poor muslims.


Top 10 muslim clerics and thire fatwa's:

#1 Muhammad Al-Munajid

Sunni cleric from Saudi Arabia.


       (the mouse cleric)

His fatwa:"Mickey Mouse" should be killed..


because mice are soldiers of Satan.

Also, he criticized the book of secret by Rhonda Byrne.

He said, It is forbidden to read that book.


Because this might leads you to prefer it more than the Koran.

 #2 Murtada Sherazi

 Shia cleric from Iraq.


 (the cheese cleric)

His fatwa: It is not okay to eat cheese unless you mix it with nuts!



I don’t know cuz I wasn’t Shia before... lol.



 # 3 Jad Al- haq

 Sunni cleric from Egypt


    (the chicken cleric)

His fatwa: It is forbidden to eat chicken..

Because chicken has hormones that might be not good for your health.
#4 Sa'ad Al Gamdi,

Sunni cleric from saudi Arabia

        (the miser cleric)

His fatwa: It is forbidden to give bouquet of roses to a patient.

- When you do this, you are imitating the West.
-The bouquet of roses will never cure the patient.

-God will judge you for spending money on expensive roses.


#5 Uthman Al khamis

Sunni cleric from saudi Arabia


(the anti woman cleric)

 Woe to him, as*hool..f**ker!


His fatwa: It is forbidden for a woman to use the Internet.


Woman is malignant and wicked and as we know, woman is always a Satan’s tool..

#6 Abdel-Qader Shiba

 Sunni cleric from saudi Arabia


 (the anti-shia cleric )

His fatwa: do not eat any food from Shiites..


 Because you have to beware they might put somthing najis (unclean) in the food.

also, it is forbidden to marry their girls, or let your girls marry their boys, because they are unfaithful.


#7 Abdullah bin Jibrin

Sunni cleric from saudi Arabia

    (the anti-love cleric)

His fatwa: It is forbidden to celebrate your marriage anniversary occasion.

Because if you do this you will be imitating the West.



#8 Abdullah Al- Mutlaq

Sunni cleric from saudi Arabia


(The Najdi sheep cleric)


Question: tell us what do you think about man and woman?

what is your fatwa about man and woman which one is better than the other?

His answer: they are both good but,
the woman is like Naimi sheep, and man is like the Najdi sheep!

The Najdi sheep is better than Naimi sheep.

Wow, Bravo! looks like he is very educated about sheep! >Lamao :)


Another question please,


Is it okay to eat Penguin? 

His answer:                              

If you find it, then it's okay, yes you can eat it.



# 9 Ali Juma’a,

Sunni cleric from Egypt


 (the belly dancers fan cleric)

How belly dancers can pray when they are half-naked?

His fatwa:

It is okay for belly dancers to pray wearing thire belly dancing clothes.

There is no need to cover their bodies.



#10  Fali Al kholi.

Shia cleric from Iraq



  (the broad beans cleric)

His fatwa:

It is forbidden to eat "fool"=(broad beans) in the "Holy Serdab"=(Holy basement).


because of bad smelly and you know, the awaiting Mahdi does not like the smell of broad beans.


 #( I hope muslims will not take these fatwas seriously )#


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Comment by Hope on February 13, 2011 at 11:01pm

The World of Fatwa in 2009

Al-watan newspaper, a Saudi newspaper,

1-Yoga is forbidden cuz it's -according to Khaled Abdularahman aljer'e- is an old Hindu pagan practice
2-mixing between men and women is not forbidden in Islam-according to ahmad Algamde.
3- clapping is not forbidden -according to Abdalazia alfwzan-. woow that's original i didn't think that people still believe in this.
4- Cinema is forbidden, -according to Khaled saud Albelehd- why ? reason #2 :- because cinema based on spreading love , romance, and sins and it's known that people who goes there kiss and do bad stuff...more.
5-to name this fatwa, let me explain something first about it. as most women in Saudi Arabia got no where to work but being teachers and cuz cities are full so most teachers and sent to far away villagers- i should write about my experience one day- and cuz women don't drive….
6-if a player score a goal in a football match and then bow to god as being thankful,

it's forbidden. -according to Saleh Mogbel aleseme-why ? it's an insult against Islam because if this is a blessing from Allah? cuz if it's ,then we should ask for Allah's help in our Friday prayer…more.
7-women can travel without a male companion . why ? it's safe for women to travel alone. again this is a good one but still can be changed in 2010.. more

Comment by Hope on February 13, 2011 at 11:36pm

Saudi clamps down on issuing silly fatwas

Aug 03, 2010

DUBAI - Islamic clerics wishing to publish fatwas - religious edicts - better check with experts at a Saudi ministry before approaching the media to avoid controversy and embarrassment, Saudi daily Arab News reported on Tuesday.

"They should not publish fatwas except after consulting with other experts," Islamic Affairs Minister Saleh al-Asheikh was quoted as saying in the newspaper.

Asheikh, with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs or Dar Al-Ifta, the Saudi fatwa authority, gave the instruction, pointing out that many of the fatwas issued recently lacked balance.

He told the newspaper he had noticed some scholars were issuing fatwas on silly issues.

"This will give a bad impression about the kingdom being an Islamic state. We have so many other important issues to deal with."

A Saudi scholar in May suggested that women donate their breast milk to men in an attempt to get around the kingdom’s ban on the mixing of unrelated men and women, sparking global controversy.

Sheikh Abdul Mohsin al-Abaican, a consultant at the Saudi royal court, issued a fatwa stating there should be symbolic bond between unrelated men and women who regularly come into contact with each other.


Comment by Hope on February 13, 2011 at 11:39pm

The Islamic viewpoint about Pokemon

 The cartoon contains items that run counter to the Muslim's creed, as it indirectly tries to give support to the controversial Darwin's theory of evolution, which indicates that every living species undergoes a gradual development, in the sense that the existing species produces new ones through adaptation to new surroundings. According to this theory, man, before reaching his present form, has undergone a series of evolutionary changes, from simpler forms up to the stages of being in the form of an ape, deemed to be closely related to man. This cartoon tries to enhance this theory, by instilling in children's minds, Darwin's idea on the gradual development of characteristics of insects.


Comment by Albert Bakker on February 14, 2011 at 2:52pm

It just goes to show religion is not a source of knowledge about ethics, or about anything actually. It does however put men with seriously underdeveloped mental abilities in positions they don't belong. They are clearly in desperate need of psychiatric assistance.

It is humorous in a way, but actually it's a really, really sad state of affairs.

Comment by Morgan Matthew on February 15, 2011 at 10:03am
Now Featured.
Comment by Hope on February 15, 2011 at 10:38am

Thank you!


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