I was aware of religion growing up: I said grace at school;  made a promise to G_d at Scouts; and  attended a Sunday school because my cousin went.


In all honesty, all throughout my childhood and adolescence I never asked myself 'Is there a G_d?'  The short answer to this is quite simple - I was to busy for religion and I couldn't be bothered wasting any of my time for something I cared so little for.  My first dabble with anti-religion came in the form of a TV comedy called Father Ted; I learnt quite a bit about the Catholic faith from that show.  

As an adult, I am critically aware of religion and the past fourteen years has highlighted the extremities people go to in the name of their deity.  Dare to draw a picture of Allah? Make any anti-semitic comment online?

Having said that, my experiences with people of religion is rather mixed.  I plan to blog about my experiences with these people and events over the next few months.

Were you indifferent to religion growing up?

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Comment by David Smith on January 8, 2014 at 1:23am

I really appreciate your indifference for religion and the religious, and find it completely understandable how that indifference changes when it comes to more extreme practitioners.

I, myself, am a little more tilted.  I have complete contempt for the more extreme religious people, and though I am indifferent to the passive religious people, I treat them with suspicion until I know them better.  But that's just me, or more likely a cause of where I'm from.


Comment by Davis Goodman on January 8, 2014 at 1:50am

I completely relate to this as an igtheist (ignostic). I simply don't have time for god and all other fantasies ... except in art and fiction. I refuse to engage. It frees up so much time.

Drawing pictures of Allah or making anti-semite comments is also a waste of time (unless it's in the name of art or fiction...and I know it's a blurry line).

We have so little precious free time.

Comment by SparkyMac on January 8, 2014 at 3:12am
Thank you for your comments. This blog accidentally uploaded itself because I clicked on publish instead of draft. I will continue it in another blog called 'levels of belief'.

As I have found out by questioning people at university and college, many people are born into a religion and they stay because of social pressure. My wife is Catholic but she (and her family) don't go to church on a regular basis nor does she preach to me. I won't go into it too much here. However, I will blog about it and add some references as I continue researching.


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