I'm going to start my own business.
Seriously. It's the only way I can create my own little world, taking pieces of what I like about existence and nixing the rest.
I'm not sure what this business will be, but this is what it won't be:
-Filled with customer service people that are neither competent nor aesthetically pleasing. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING must justify it's paycheck. I fully understand that some people are placed simply as decoration, but you better at least be good at being decoration. Whatever your function is, no matter how superficial, you must serve a purpose. If you can't return a phone call, let your customer know BEFORE you serve the curry that you are out of mango chutney or actually get the required information a person is asking for...then you need to be good looking, friendly, a fun conservationist or somehow justify WHY the fuck you are getting paid. It's ok to suck at your job as long as you make up for it in other ways. If you don't, your services are no longer required.
-A business plan based on whims and randomness.
We will not fish a selected area 'just because.' We will use GPS to record our previous dives so that each time we turn on the gennies, we know what type of bottom to expect and how often the area has been fished before/what the previous catch was. We will calculate a risks vs. benefits analysis for all major decisions. We will use profit margins to grow at a slow, steady rate. We will know our objective before we get there. We will plan for every worst case scenario, and if there isn't a damage reduction scheme able to negate the consequence to an acceptable level, we will not carry on.
-A business stuck with huge overhead.
We live in two-thousand-fucking-nine. The clock will not turn back in any foreseeable way. Things can be shipped, they don't need to be stored on-site. We will have an easy to navigate web page with reliable communication on it. We will answer our mobile phones. We will have emergency contact numbers. We will not leave our market in the dark. Ever. We won't need a warehouse filled with 'things.' We will acquire 'things' based on real time customer demand. We will never have wasted retail that is nothing more than a money-pit-liability.
No. Seriously. You were hired for a reason. Go do your job so I can do mine. Obviously, you've got some qualification that makes you good at what you do. That, balanced with your work history will make you a trusted employee. Do what you think is best. Creative ideas and thinking outside the box are encouraged. Methods and traditions come second to efficiency and the end result.

This is more of a rant than a pipe dream. I do eventually want to start my own business. Maybe a publication of some sort? Perhaps an adventure sports facility with a built in bed and breakfast? Hell, I don't know. Taking a look at my list of skills coupled with my boyfriends, we are pretty much good for taking over small countries via ocean combat. Not much else jumps out as a logical choice.
I don't want a small country, though.
What do I want?
The ability to travel. The ability to dive and do other fun, recreational type things, the ability to cook and have my food appreciated. The ability to garden. The ability to make enough money to exist. The ability to have a dog. The ability to go to school, even if it isn't full time or all the time.

That doesn't narrow things down a whole lot. Most of these pursuits can be enjoyed with any career that provides time off and decent money. Not all are mutually exclusive. I guess we all have to start somewhere, though.
This is my start.
A list I'll just keep adding to of what it won't be. Perhaps that will narrow it down enough for me to decide on what it should be.
Feel free to add, suggest, comment or ignore. That's what blogs are for!

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Comment by Aric on September 26, 2009 at 3:24pm
If only all businesses were run this way...
Comment by a7 on November 6, 2009 at 4:19pm
you sound very angry man, you must relax , take a wee puff hen and relax.



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