To hell with heaven-(Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the finite nature of mortality)

Pardon my stream of consciousness rant for a moment here, there is a slight chance I may delve into cussing more than I intend to.

I am fucking sick of people saying that while they were skeptical that the world would end last Saturday that deep down they were hoping for it since heaven will be so much better than earth.

This rage has been boiling up for the past few weeks ever since I told my best friend that I am an atheist.  He (a new earther Christian type-yeah I don't know either) insists that I am not, that I am in fact angry with God.

I try hard to be a tactful person and generally I try and remain respectful of others' faiths even when they aren't particularly respectful of my lack there of. He went on to tell me that he would pray for me because when he goes to heaven he wants his best friend to be there.


Now, to be honest I haven't always had the courage to abandon illogical faith, but even while I clung onto the idea of a deity I never liked the idea of heaven. It just seems boring. This gets me into a lot of arguments with the faithful, this more than any other tenant of faith versus non-faith I come across:

  • There are no sinful urges (That means no sex, no drinking, no gambling, no passion.)
  • There are no questions (Nothing left to learn once you join the omnipotent consciousness of god)
  • Everyone who subscribed to the same faith as you will be there. (Say goodbye to ever meeting famous writers, musicians and artists...oh and scientists are right out, as are the people born pre-Jesus if you ask many Christians.)
  • Constant Prayer. (Like the angels, cause that's what you do in heaven, praise god. It is basically one eternal holy blow-job.)
  • IT IS ETERNAL. (I have yet to find anything in life, especially virtuous things, that I like to do for longer than a few days at the very best... let alone FOREVER...FOREVER)

Of course while presenting this list I am told I am acting ignorant. I ask them what the hell they think heaven will be like. I mean I have to single out the Christians for this one but, sin is fun. God hates sin. It isn't like heaven is some Amsterdam of sin where it is suddenly legal to have all the gay sex you would be condemned for on Earth.

I think people must not give it much thought, of course if they were prone to in depth thinking then they wouldn't be concerned with heaven.

I've had a lot of ignorant conversations with my best friend in regards to atheism. I think I may have to write them down.

What are your thoughts on heaven, does it seem like a punishment for virtuous behavior?


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Comment by TDM on May 24, 2011 at 12:30am

Thanks carol,

I feel the exact same way... I often ask religious people i know, in a joking manner, "what are you all going to do in heaven" they kinda smile and shrug. Then i say " i don't even like milk and honey " i really do but it gets a better laugh and stress my point. But yea, its plain to see that the concept of heaven was thought up by some poor sap in some shit-hole in a dark time with nothing to eat but dirt and being ignorant as a bag of hammers.. I love my life, i know its done when its done so i enjoy it every single day, i enjoy a security that only comes from a peace that is the free mind...

Comment by IEatDinosaurMeat on May 24, 2011 at 2:45am

Well, for one thing the idea seems to be that what you value here on earth will be in heaven (Whatever that means)

Then you got the whole euphoria thing that Flower was talking about. The thing with that is you become okay with the idea that your own behavior, your desires, and thoughts will change. You will be celestially lobotomized in order to make you more complacent, disinterested in things like sex, drugs, rock and roll, and all the 'fun' things. Your idea of fun will be the euphoria that Flower was talking about, however that does not sound healthy by any means. To not be interested in self expression is not cognitively healthy is it?


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