Time to say Goodbye to American Puritan Superstition

(And all my gratitude to Think Atheist - HAPPY 2011, Guys!)

It has been a really bad experience of drug-like intoxication with American religious fantasies which transmitted to other areas of knowledge transformed my life in an erratic and painful trip through the darkness of other people's hallucinations. But I have this one marvelous good which preserves me: I am not ashamed to learn history and I am very grateful to the ones who created web-sites like Atheist-Nexus, and Think Atheist.

During 2010, I had to appeal to British sanity - reading the Times at the School of Law in Hartford, CT, listening to Dawkins's and Hitchens's speeches in YouTube - to recover a sense of what is real here and now. And I know well that this happens because of my autism - because I have this sort of neurological curse, which is also a gift.

I recalled a Hasidic interpretation of the ninth plague sent by God against ancient Egypt, three days of uninterrupted darkness in which "no man could see his brother." Real darkness, ran the comment, is when nobody is able to see or hear his brother or sister.

Let us recollect what I have learned respect to the American religious psyche (Catholic monks and Saints not included)

American Protestant pastors are capable, knowing and wise in those things they are deceiving people.

They will believe that any sort of justification is possible,

The people of the Bible and the American Christians - except Catholics - are different and most opposite to one another.


The biggest influence on them are not events. They deny facts and misuse science. All branches of American Protestantism - Evangelical, Congregational, Liberal, Conservative - are equally unreal, for despite appearances evolution is never accepted. As the actual condition of "faith" I am baffled, and I do not know how they stand.

I find it a sufficient proof of this that when I was talking to a Congregational pastor, who is highly reputed as an Islam scholar and is involved in an inter-faith dialogue, it was evident that he knew nothing about the events of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, denied three times to me, as will do to someone else, that Palestinian terrorists involved in the attack seizing eleven Israeli athletes as hostages, were Arabs.

The notion of Munich 1972 as an event of "Christian terrorism" could be considered remotely credible on the story of the Israel-Palestine conflict is deluded to the point of childishness. It was rotten to the core in a radical reading of the Quran and their defenders cannot deny, ignore or explain away.

I blame the previous justification as cause of my present negative experience - of how they marginalise unwelcome voices and dismiss important events just because they differ from an interpretation of sacred texts: those people, they always cause confusion in the events of Christian history and contribute nothing of value, only trouble, and forgetfulness of God.


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Comment by Claudia Mercedes Mazzucco on December 30, 2010 at 1:21pm
The main life-lesson I have learned in 2010 is in Ecclesiastes: "Be not curious in unnecessary matters." (3:23) Generally, people should not be faulted for expressing curiosity. Curiosity was essential in this particular occasion in order to learn how religious-mania works. No one is free from curiosity, but everyone should be capable of controling it.


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