Global warming, resource depletion, plant and animal extinction, and a myriad of other social and health issues are facing humanity and our planet.
There are so many major problems facing humanity today that it is almost too depressing to think about them. Perhaps that is why religion is so popular. It offers people a form of escapism from reality.

All these problems need fixes and yet humanities current institutions are gridlocked and unable to work together to solve these impending disasters that could be modern civilizations undoing.

Industrial expansion is in conflict with our environment, economics is in conflict with almost every aspect of human existence and our natural world. Religion and politics are in conflict with science. Isolated in our separated man made borders both real and imagined, personal interests are in conflict with the greater well-being. Humanity is failing to see the big picture and the scope of dangers we are creating for ourselves and all life on this planet.

After spending a great deal of time studying these issues. I have come to the conclusion that we are trying to solve modern technical problems, in a fast moving world, with outdated, slow, antiquated systems.

Human knowledge has grown exponentially over the last 234 years. Changes have taken place beyond anyone’s comprehension from the seventeen hundreds. It is unrealistic to expect knowledge from the horse and buggy era to be able to meet the needs of our modern world’s computer-age.

Antiquated Systems: lets look at our government institutions. Here in the United States we boast proudly that we are a democracy. You hear the word bantered about like it is the end all solution to every earthly problem; and yet everyone is frustrated at how dysfunctional our democratic government has become. We as a people have become so divided on the issues that government suffers from partisan-constipation. Government by representation has gone from representing the citizens to representing the big money interests of the corporations. Very few feel it is serving the best interests of its citizens. According to the top 6 polls at (Polling “Congress’s job rating ran between 63% to 72% disapproval for January 2010.” This is not a new trend.

Democracy has always been flawed as best put in this simple quote. “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting as to what’s for dinner;” or “Democracy is only as good as the majority of its voters.” America was supposed to be a republic where the Bill of Rights protected everyone’s civil rights from the dangers of majority rule. Today many of our civil-rights and freedoms have been lost to our form of democracy, but I am not here to rant on democracy’s pros and cons but simply to explain that in our modern world that current democratic forms of government are as out dated as despotic rule, and are not meeting the needs of the people or fixing the problems that we are facing. Politics in itself is archaic and often creates more problems than it solves. Our current government is also incapable of rendering solutions to deal with our problems because of it ties to an archaic monetary system that puts profits ahead of human and environmental issues.

Political government decision making, under our current system is corrupted by human emotions like greed, fear, religious dogmas, and prejudice. Most politicians are uneducated in the fields of science. They are ill-equipped to comprehend and provide viable solutions. Unfortunately when they seek expert advice it often comes from corporate insiders whose research data is based on stockholder profits.

This leads me to another one of our outdated institutions; our economic institution, although modernized, it still mimics archaic financial systems of the past, promoting social stratification, injustice, exploitation, prejudge, poverty, wars, crime, and need less to say, suffering and death. At the heart of our current economic system there is still underpinnings of master and serf . When we examine these two institutions with scrutiny we see that they do not fit into our modern world’s ideas of justice, fairness, equality or function.

Both of our current governing and economic systems have served their purposes in the past but they are failing greatly to meet the needs of our fast moving, technically advancing world. Using institutions that are based in emotions and political wrangling is trying to solve highly technical problems with antiquated backwards thinking. It just doesn’t work. We must progress governing to the next logical step.

If we are going to solve the major issues that humanity is facing we are going to have to progress our systems of governing and economics by applying the scientific method to all our decision making processes. Any new economic system must incorporate human and environmental needs over profit. In fact the entire idea of profit must be one base on equality and how well humanity and the environment are doing as a whole, from a scientifically sustainable perspective.

Every problem facing humanity could be solved using the scientific method. It might produce answers and solutions that some humans may not always appreciate at first. Like a bitter pill that saves your life; the outcome could be a world without the injustices, inequality, exploitation of human and planetary resources, that has led to the crimes and wars ever plaguing humanity . It offers us a rational logical way of governing that could move all of humanity toward a more peaceful and positive future. It could provide the solutions and actions necessary to reverse global warming, amend resource depletion, and put a stop to accelerated extinction.

Perhaps you agree with me that this would be a good Idea but feel that I am naive in thinking that such a perspective could be accomplished. As for example just look at how long most people hold on to their religious institutions despite any objective evidence that any of their gods ever existed. I too am afraid that despite how dysfunctional, dogmatic, corrupt, exploitive, unjust, and hated our systems of government and financial institutions are. A percentage of people will irrationally still cling to them like a child clings to their favorite teddy-bear. Just remember that at one time democracy was the new and improved idea over despotism.

As many of us are excited by new and better ways of doing things others are just as rooted in social and cultural stagnation. The only way to make a change is to educate others that there are solutions to these problems. Next time you hear someone complaining about the economy, or our government bring up the fact that there are viable solutions. Remind them of all the problems that we have solved using the scientific method. We can replace all the political wrangling and remove a financial system that perpetuates inequality and blocks our ability to fix our problems. After all democracy and our economy are just out-dated human ideas that have out lived their usefulness. Its time to progress.

To learn more about these ideas and other solutions, and before screaming at me about stepping on the sacred toes of democracy, please watch and listen to this video

The Zeitgeist Movement: Orientation Presentation

A Personal Note: With this understanding in mind and recognizing similarities between our financial, and governing institutions and the worlds religious institutions. I find myself just as repulsed by their abuses and dogmatic practices as we find in many religions. I cannot accept or support any institution that perpetuates social stratification, exploitation, bigotry, and places profit over human and environmental issues.

Sincerely, Dennis Renner

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Comment by Kirk Holden on February 4, 2010 at 12:27pm
From our wiki we find Karl Popper (a pretty decent philosopher of science) sinking a harpoon in your utopia:

In The Open Society and Its Enemies and The Poverty of Historicism, Popper developed a critique of historicism and a defense of the 'Open Society'. Popper considered historicism to be the theory that history develops inexorably and necessarily according to knowable general laws towards a determinate end. He argued that this view is the principal theoretical presupposition underpinning most forms of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. He argued that historicism is founded upon mistaken assumptions regarding the nature of scientific law and prediction. Since the growth of human knowledge is a causal factor in the evolution of human history, and since "no society can predict, scientifically, its own future states of knowledge", it follows, he argued, that there can be no predictive science of human history. For Popper, metaphysical and historical indeterminism go hand in hand.

Cultural evolution like biological evolution follows the laws of chaos and complexity. Look at how hard it is to model global climate. For Chuy's sake we can see and feel the weather... We cannot see or feel politics.
Comment by Dennis Paul Renner on September 27, 2010 at 7:56pm
We see and feel the effects of politic everyday just as we feel the effects of weather. Just ask the people of New Orleans. They have felt both in a really devastating way.


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