At 3AM Easter Sunday:

Time is a man made concept. When our ancestors concocted time they had no choice but to infuse god, for one could not exist without the other, they are one and the same. Time needs a creation, meaning it needs a beginning and an end; when our ancestor experienced the death of another, they had to rationalize time as the beginning of life and death as the end. This became FACT as did god.

Now that time was connected to reason, so was creation connected to the logic that if you have the creation, you must have a "creator" ergo god.

But what if there was no such thing as "time?" What if the Universe has always been expanding through so called space/nothingness? No beginning and no end? No god, just wonderment.

Nothingness juxtapose with Something in apposition places them together..Space is therefore Something too...

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Comment by Doc Feral on April 7, 2012 at 10:09pm

You're right that time is a man-made concept, but I don't feel that God even comes into play in respect to time. Therefore for me Time and God do not need to co-exist. 

Also, Christians have said that God is Timeless, therefore he's beyond Time. So again there's that separation of the two. 

Comment by Shabaka Tecumseh on April 8, 2012 at 4:57am

Rob xtians have contradicted themselves more than once, but i'm speaking about our early ancestors connecting time with death and death with creation and creation with a creator. I don't see separation.  


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