dear Canada,

dear France,

dear Australia,

dear UK &

to the other countries of the

world who are in the

process of using their

governmental structure to

alleviate the

health care catastrophes

within their own borders,

by taking up the whole of

the financial burden to

provide their own citizens

with the ability to stay


without becoming broke &




this writer would like to ask ahead

of time (prior to 2014)

on behalf of himself &

all the citizens of the United States

of Absurdia,

if there is some way that he &

the rest of the uninsured lot,

whose daily toils simply do not

provide enough scratch to pay the



of which mr. hope & change has

imposed upon the people of the

empire, today,

crippling those who are not seniors

(those who complain with their


crippling those who do not fall into

the hailed “young people of America”

pool (those who have just come of

voting age & whose breasts are filled

to the brim with dreams of universal

peace & utopia, which they think can

be achieved very very quickly, via

one man),


there is some way we can get

some jobs (be them the most

mundane, meaningless &

random in the world),

some food (be it the worst

tasting---we can either stuff

it down our gullets or refrain

from eating, as all Americans

can stand to lose a few pounds


some shelter (we won’t be

picky, as many of us are squashed

into closets now) &

of course,


health care system

where the government assumes the


for the welfare of the people in

its control,

as opposed to bending them over

the table & raping them until

they bleed,

only to refuse that they can come

into the ER to get some help in

sewing up the newest wound,

because they don’t have that



health insurance card,

which says they are STILL


in order to stay alive in the

empire that does not respect them

or give a shit,

whether they live or die.



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