Now, I´ve no problem with religious people unless they are douchebags about it, but then again that applies to godless douchebags just as much. But there is one piece of Christian ´argumentation´ which drove me up the wall this week. I happen to have a pretty ardent believer in one of my classes who tried to convert me the moment she learned I wasn´t one - by looking at my Twitter, so you can´t even say i ´evangelize atheism´ at school. I enjoyed conversing with hwr for a while but then it got tedious and I told her to leave me alone. She immediately referred to the persecution verse. Maybe it was the heat but I kinda flipped out. Here´s my answer: ˝look, are your beliefs outlawed? Because mine are, and i could get five years if i acted like you according to §86a and §130. So stfu!˝ she looked at me like i was the devil incarnate and bolted off. Maybe it was a tad too much? Anyway, as a NS person in this part of the world i think i know a bit more about persecution than Christians. What´d´ya think?

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Comment by anti_supernaturalist on May 20, 2011 at 12:59pm

Send this little note to your would-be guide.


**What a laugh xians are!

Haven't they figured themselves out yet? They are the oppressors. They are the Romans now.

And their kind has been both vile and evil for as long as their kind has existed. Belief in their disgusting god is beneath me.

The de-deification of western culture is our task for the next 100 years.

the anti_supernaturalist


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