Things Christians Should Know Before Talking to an Atheist

* Hitler was NOT an atheist.

* Morality is not a “believers only” state of conscience. Morality existed before the Bible was put together and translated, etc.

* Do NOT pray for us or indicate the notion to perform your ritualistic mumbo jumbo. There are millions of others that are ill and starving that might appreciate your spells of madness. These are the people that your so called “God” ignores or tests(supposedly).

* Atheists do NOT hate your god. How can one hate something that does not exist? Do you hate leprechauns?

* When you say, ” I believe” or “I have faith in Jesus” to us atheists, it’s a clear indication that you have the delusion of imaginary people, like some children do. In either case…it’s due to indoctrination.

* Atheists seem to know the Bible better than most Christians.

* The Bible is not proof of any presence of a deity or the makings of all things.

* The United States was NOT founded on Christianity. That is why the founders of this nation LEFT Europe.

* Evolution is not just for atheists.

* I do not need to be “saved” nor will I be present for “God’s judgment day”.

* Jesus was NOT the first…to be born of a virgin, perform miracles, and to be resurrected.

* The burden of proof for the existence of your god rest solely on YOUR shoulders. Can you prove that elves do not exist?

* Emotions like love and faith do not come from your heart. The function of the heart is to pump blood. Emotions and thoughts are stimulated within the brain.

* Quoting or writing a Bible verse to an atheist is a waste of time and energy, since these verses were written by obviously insane humans.

* Not all atheists are scientists or intellectuals. Many of us are blue-collared working folks. We are from all walks of life.

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Comment by joknoppix on January 4, 2009 at 7:07pm
To hear so many of my own thoughts is like coming home.


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