Dear They,

I've grown weary of your involvement in everything that I disagree with. Just today I was discussing schools not allowing children to say "under God" and it turns out, you were behind it. I found it egregious that you were doing this. Sadly when I pressed for your location, my friend couldn't tell me where you were doing this. You are lucky They. I would have called up to confront you on the matter.

Through out my life you have said so many things that have confused everyone. When I was a kid you told people that AIDS could be transmitted with a handshake. Do you know how many people ended up being shunned in the last days of their life due to the unfounded fear you caused? Why would you do that They?

It turns out that almost every garbage, fear based, chain email comes from you. Even before email you were saying that candy bars were being poisoned at Halloween. It's never stopped. Today it's overload with claims of attacks coming our way from North Korea, Iran, etc. You must have loved seeing 9/11 because it seemed like you never stopped giving out bunk information. It's a Orange threat. It's a Yellow threat. It must have been a personal challenge for you.

Even before my lifetime you were feeding lists of communists to Joseph McCarthy. Turns out that was bad information as well. Then you got us into Vietnam by telling the US that the Commies were looking to take over the West and telling Ho Chi Min that we were looking to take over North Vietnam. As many as 6 million people died just because you were telling lies.

Look They, I think that it's time that you stopped telling your lies. It's time that we demand that you show your face and evidence when one of your lies shows up. If we can't see specified evidence, then we will refer to your claims as bullshit on it's face. No more will I listen to someone repeat the stories that you tell and allow them to continue. I will publicly humiliate those who speak for you without evidence. I openly seek to end your misinformation. I openly repudiate you and those whom pass on your claims. You are on notice, as well as those speak for you. Friendships be dammed, there are people dying over your bullshit and it has to end.



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Comment by Anne Chenier on August 6, 2010 at 11:15am
I love it. If only They had a website.
... (;
Comment by CJoe on August 7, 2010 at 12:44am
Mmmm this is good! They are mad I'm featuring it, but it must be done.


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