I have already posted this article on my regular blog: 1azylizzie.wordpress.com however because of the subject matter I thought it was worth sharing here too, so here it is:

As you all may know, Australia is in the middle of its most tragic and devastating peacetime disaster in it’s history. Bushfires are raging in our southeast state - Victoria, with many of them believed to be started by arsonists.

Whole families have lost their lives, and entire communities have been destroyed. These communities are small and many of their members have died. Something that it is not easy for a small community to handle - I know because I grew up in a very small community.

There is large scale pain and suffering, and the people of these areas have lost everything. On top of this, because of their isolation, many people still do not know whether their loved ones are safe…..

These fires have affected the whole nation of Australia, with many of us in mourning for the losses and many of us donating money towards the relief effort…

Or so I thought…

It seems that the religious nut-jobs out there are pinning these fires on their ‘god’, and claiming that it is his/her/it’s revenge at the nation for being tolerant of homosexuals, and for allowing so much sin into the country.

I am once again amazed at the total lack of empathy by such people, and how they are so quick to turn a horrible tragedy into a marketing scheme to scare people into joining their faith…

The Theists have sunk to a new low…

There are many factors that could have caused these fires, many of them are thought to be arson, and if you want to play the blame game - fine, but not once should it be assumed that these people deserved what they got…

What about the young children that died? What about the wildlife and farm animals that perished? Am I right in assuming that they somehow deserved this too? I would love to know what the small children did to piss off God so much…

The first idiot to make such ridiculous statements was Pastor Danny Nalliah. You can see the full article about his disgraceful claims here:


The second idiot that I came across spouting this hateful nonsense was a YouTube user: vatican998. You can see the YouTube video and comment here:


I have already commented on the video (my username on YouTube is muso05).

Anyway that’s enough ranting from me. Time to relax and watch some TV. If anyone wants to donate to the fire appeal they can do so by visiting www.redcross.org.au

If anyone wants to donate to help the animals injured by the fires, visit http://www.rspcavic.org/campaigns_news/news_bushfires.htm

That’s it for today.

1azylizzie x

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