the word of god in schools makes me sick

Today my instructor said this about printing press v internet

Both mediums have created an information revolution. Gutenburg with “The
Gutenberg Press” needed to print something important and great in order
to show the power of the press so he printed the “Gutenburg Bible”. He
duplicated and mass-produced the word of God allowing the mass public
domain to read about and learn from the bible. Consequently, more people
began to learn how to read and the (mass-produced) information was able
to spread quickly. The “Gutenburg Bible” was a prime
example expressing the capabilities of the press by allowing the
exchange of information to happen much more rapidly. The

internet though slower to evolve has brought a massive amount of
information into the home and at the fingertips of anyone and everyone
who has access to a computer or handheld device. Instead of relying on
shipping printed books and documents to users, the internet transfers
information and communications fast and in most cases in real-time.


I really hate that invasive religious bs.

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Comment by John Nguyen on February 22, 2010 at 3:28pm
I'm sorry, but I think that you're kind of overreacting here. I understand that you may have a sort of reflexive disgust for any mention of Christianity in school, but your teacher's message is a far cry from proselytizing.

Whether you or I like it or not, Christianity happens to have had a significant historical presence, and I can only assume that this teacher is teaching some sort of history class. Everything that your teacher has said so far is historically accurate. The bible was one of the first mass-produced books, and its mass-production did increase literacy in otherwise completely illiterate regions.

Just because we may have a distaste for religion, does not mean that we are entitled to demand that history be rewritten and not taught for it. Though your teacher does at one point does call the Bible "The Word of God," otherwise, everything else that (s)he said is historically accurate.


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