Prior to my profound experience that I am about to share, I was already most comfortable with the term "atheist" but still struggled with defending myself against religious bullying.

Pregnant with my third child, I was determined to manifest a painless birth experience. My prenatal journey began with a hypnosis session where my sub-conscious mind was given an opportunity to view labor and birth differently.

The unasssisted home birth of my son was not only painless, it was orgasmic!  Not a whisper of physical discomfort accompanied the descent of this sacred child.

My manifestation of the perfect birth defied God's curse against women that we shall know pain and complication in child-birth all the days of our lives...I am eternally grateful that I am not bound by that vicious scene at the garden, all on account of some little apple!

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Comment by Cristynfaye on December 29, 2011 at 5:39pm

I've heard of that before.  One of my good friends was telling me about hypno-birthing.  Is that what you did?

Sadly, if/when I have children, I will have to have a cesarean because of certain medical complications, so I wont be able to try those kinds of things.  Though it will be a (hopefully) painless process, but because of medicine and drugs, rather than breathing and hypnosis techniques.  :D

Comment by Hygeia Halfmoon on December 29, 2011 at 6:10pm

After that one hypnosis session, I spent the rest of my pregnancy studying the subject of pain and dissolving any limitation mentality stirring around in my brain.  Right after my son's birth I published my prenatal and birthing journal, I CAN DO THIS! which is available for on-line reading at  My first child was born by c-section, an experience that led me to join the VBAC movement (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section) and the two births to follow were at home.


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