if you sit down with that infamous poorly written work of fiction &

you read it cover to cover,

you may not feel a thing---

you may, in fact, simply close the book & toss it in the round file (garbage),

and go about your day,

as if nothing happened at all---

yes, the healthiest you that you can muster,

would do just that.



if you sit down with that infamous poorly written work of fiction &

you read it cover to cover with one or more believers present, egging you on,

you may begin to feel sick.


you may begin to feel violently ill,

and as you begin to rock & dry-heave,

your rational conscience may very well be telling you that up until now,

there was no doubt in your mind that the world was older than 6,000 years,

that snakes did not talk,

that a boat of 450 feet in length never housed two members of every living thing on the planet in hopes of surviving a flood,

that the patriarchs of the old testament did not in fact live to be 400 years old or more, that a man’s wife (without a name or any other characteristics) did not turn into a pillar of salt,

that a burning bush never had a conversation with a man (no matter how delusional he was)---nor did that same man make a stick into a snake and then back into a stick or water to blood, or did he bring with him ten plagues to dispose of at his leisure (including frogs falling from the sky, etc.)....

more psychobabble, etcetera...

more psychobabble, etcetera...


and it all begins to warp in your dizzy head

you begin to feel the puke coming up from inside &




the vomit

comes up

your throat

& spews out

forth onto


that came into

you as a horrible

virus that went

rampaging in

your body.



wipe your lips & leave the room as quickly as you came in.


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Comment by Arcus on August 17, 2011 at 5:31pm

Very well done. :)

Perhaps not as romantic as Keats, but certainly better at evoking emotions.

Comment by delapruch on August 18, 2011 at 2:47am

@ Arcus.  Ah, sorry to disappoint in the romance dept, lol, thanks so much for reading & for the supportive comment!


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