Deep in the inner-reaches of the Universe, near the center from which everything expanded from, where the light barely escapes, is a Void. The Void stretches across light years of the Universe and within those light years is nothing. It has been there since the beginning and has existed without qualm from the matter that makes up the rest of the Universe. For about twelve billion years It existed in the silence that is intrinsic to the Universe, and silence was all It knew. Then one day, after twelve billion years of peaceful silence, It heard the slightest of whispers. It was soft and vague and blended so well with the silence that the Void did not mind it at all; It continued its peaceful rest at the center of the Universe. But slowly, over a short time of a million or so years, the whispers were joined by more whispers and began to grow louder, but they were still vague as the Void did not understand what was being whispered. As time went on, the whispers continued to be heard and to grow in volume. There were words amongst the whispers that were repeated, and the Void began to recognize them as meaning something. It could still not understand all of what was being heard, but recognized words like rain and harvest and people and god. Time continued to move on and the whispers became clear words and by the repetition of certain words the Void learned what was being said. The Void listened as the words came and realized that they had meaning when they were arranged in certain ways. The words grew louder and the Void listened. The words were requests for certain things; requests for rains and good harvest; requests for prosperous years; requests for salvation; and all of them were directed at a single word that the Void was unclear of its meaning: god. All the requests were directed to something called god. The Void looked around the Universe, looking for what could be this god. After a short time spent searching, during which the requests grew ever louder, the Void found nothing that It could identify as a god. Did it mean me, It thought. Then logic prevailed. Of course not, It was a void of nothingness. It had no form, no substance; It could not be this god. The Void decided that whatever this god was, it was nowhere to be seen and would never hear these requests. But the requests kept getting louder and louder over the millennia, and as they grew in volume, the Void grew in irritation. Why would they not stop? It asked to the Universe. Why do they not realize these requests of theirs will not be fulfilled? But the requests kept coming nonetheless, and the Void was forced to hear them all as they grew ever louder, and It realized It would never have peace again.

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