"The Top 10 Ways to Make Kids Truly Safe in 2010" (not really)

From Mission America

"As we close 2009, America is once more forced to confront the ongoing threat of terrorism.”Safety" for the citizens of the United States is foremost in everyone’s mind.

And yet we still face huge unresolved issues on the domestic front. For every parent, the future of our children is always top on our list. How do we make sure our kids are secure next year and in decades to come in an ever-more insecure world?

There are some actions well within the power of every knowledgeable and concerned parent. All we have to do, is do them. File these under “eternal vigilance.”

10. Let’s teach our children to refrain from honoring oppressive, liberty-denying practices and beliefs. Children should be civil to all, but refuse to be manipulated into “respecting” Islam, praying to Allah, etc., no matter how many points it counts on the social studies/diversity unit test. They should urge every girl they know wearing a hijab to remove it and no longer submit to a system of subtle bondage. They should share the Gospel of Jesus Christ deliberately with every Muslim they know— and make sure these lost kids know that Christians believe in a loving God who gives us free will.

9. Our homes should be safe havens. That means no carbon monitors, parenting or end-of-life counselors under ObamaCare, home school checks or community organizers. We should be able to hear truly free speech and porn-free programming on radio and TV stations, and neither we nor our children should ever be tempted to have our mortgages paid for us through government hand-outs.

8. Our kids should not have to face the limited options and reduced quality of life in a once-great country burdened with crushing debt. They should not have to face fifty percent or higher taxes, few employment options, and life in a corrupt and increasingly vulnerable nation. Let’s hold elected officials responsible for reckless spending, pay-offs and pork, by removing them from power at the earliest opportunity.

7. Children should not be endangered personally by sexually transmitted diseases allowed to rage unchecked through our under-30 population because of political correctness. They should no longer be told the outright lies that life-threatening and/or debilitating infections can be managed through either latex or life-long, expensive drug therapy. Let’s not leave them with rampant infertility due to “everyone’s” reproductive damage. We need to establish a public health system that deals with reality.

6. Intrusive, low- quality and high- cost health care delivery should not be the legacy we leave our children. We should recognize that America has the greatest health care system in the world, that it truly needs little reform, except to recapture personal responsibility for both cost and options. Let’s refuse to put Washington, DC in charge of your son’s and daughter’s physical well-being.

5. Let’s give our children some true leadership choices. Let’s leave them examples like Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Mike Pence. Let’s stop propping up a failed and compromised GOP, and let’s make sure the Democratic/Socialist party fades into oblivion.

4. We must pledge to overhaul the schools we are paying for. Let’s start sending our children to Christian schools, conservative charter schools, or begin home schooling them, while we simultaneously evict our local NEA-backed public school boards and replace them with smart soccer moms and dads who have true family values. Let’s get the radicals out of our taxpayer- funded classrooms, and refuse to vote for one more levy guaranteeing the same old anti-Christian, socialist, Darwinist, hyper-sexualized, and phony “green” school curricula.

3. As responsible stewards, we must continue to demand that U.S. Department of Education ‘safe schools’ czar Kevin Jennings be fired for his lack of experience plus his known radical, sexually corrupt ideology. Let’s also eject Obama’s Chicago crony, DOE Secretary Arne Duncan, and all public officials whose track records attest to “poor education as usual” policies. Where’s the commitment to genuine child safety? Let’s make plans to fire Barack Obama at least by 2012, too, while we are at it, before he does any more damage to the next generation.

2. Get all pro-homosexual and pro-promiscuity programs, literature, teachers, and counselors out of every school now. Remove “gay” clubs, Planned Parenthood at health fairs, and GLSEN- PFLAG- SIECUS activists. Cease all condom demonstrations, abortion referrals, on-site birth control dispensing, sexual orientation affirmation, and messing with children’s hearts, minds and bodies. Demand that schools uphold the traditional value of heterosexual identities, teach abstinence- until- marriage, and celebrate male/ female gender differences.

1. Allow—no, welcome-- Christianity back into the American public square...in schools, in community groups, in city council meetings, in the Senate, on city streets, in the courthouse square, in the media, in college lectures. Laugh at the ACLU. Elect judges who agree. Don’t elect presidents who think we are no longer a Christian nation.

Let’s refuse to leave our children an inheritance of American rubble. Instead, let our New Year’s resolution and fervent prayer be to give our children an America that is the best it can be."

I don't even know where to begin.

No carbon detectors? What does that have anything to do with children's well being?

Number 6 makes me really angry because I just don't understand how anyone can claim our health care system right now is working. Fine, disagree on the politics and the nitty gritty about how it should be reformed, but to say it doesn't need reform at all?! How many people are uninsured in America right now? And that's... a good thing?

Number 2 is the worst of the bunch I think. Yes, let's make "gay clubs" illegal, and fire any teacher who supports the LBGT community, and while we're at it let's stop giving out condoms! While this would be totally unfair to the unfortunate kids, sometimes I want to somehow make condoms inaccessible only to the children of these sorts of parents, and see how much teen pregnancy goes down! Obviously condoms cause pregnancy since they support sex in general, so getting rid of them all together will stop people from getting pregnant. Right? Makes perfect sense.

Number 1 is pretty good, too. Just a blatant call to get rid of separation of church and state. Awesome.

Things like this blow my mind mainly because I am usually tolerant of other people's beliefs and politics, not only because I don't like to argue very much about little things but also because I can sort of see how some people can think what they do. When it comes to this sort of stuff though I just. don't. get it. How can anyone honestly think this way?!

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Comment by Kirk Holden on January 3, 2010 at 5:24pm
This all comes from Linda Harvey who is a paid flak for the Health Care industry. Her lunatic obsession with taking over local and state school boards is evil and must be stopped. But the carbon monitor thing is a good sign -- her meds aren't working and her head is about to explode.
Comment by Galen on January 3, 2010 at 9:11pm
Someone should tell them (re: #10) that the proscribed punishment for a Muslim who leaves the faith is death. So, essentially, #10 is saying that all little Christian soldiers need to do their best to get little Muslims killed.

And I literally laughed out loud at #5 setting Palin up as a "true example." Right, of what? How to be an ignorant dipshit? Even a good many conservatives agree that she's a moron and not a good example for ANYTHING.

Thankfully, most of these things will never happen in America and many aren't even possible due to the Constitution.
Comment by Reggie on January 4, 2010 at 7:31am
Thanks for that eyeful of crazy, Danielle. Sadly, too many people I know would agree with every part of this.


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