Where have all the hardcore theists gone? Where are those self-righteous Calvinists? Why don't people still believe that lightning comes from Zeus' rectum? or believe floods are literally God's wrath? OK Pat Robertson got me there, but a tongue in cheek  defense, he is an old man trying to drum up controversy so that his followers can feel threatened by the rest of reality and give up more of their hard earned income to protect Robertson's hegemonic ideology. The other 99% honestly DO NOT believe that old bronze age thinking anymore, and why not? In most people's explanations, they bring up 'Nature' instead of 'God', and forget that people may use them synonymously or use the term 'Nature' to supersede the term 'God', and just look at the idea of lost faith for a second.


Theism has a fundamental logic problem that coincides with it's problems regarding ethics and morality. We still witness the Republicans and Democrats (although less so) obfuscating the truth and attempting to discredit scientists on issues of global warming/climate change, evolution, GMO's, and the outright lies to discredit the scientific method for political gain. It has gotten so mainstream, these lies, that we all notice that there is some form of a fundamentalist religion that backs up these claims, and to some degree is proud of it's religious undertones.

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Comment by Jake W. Andrews on February 11, 2011 at 1:01pm
Actually I thought I saved this as a draft, and not sure if I pressed the publish post button or not...Well I would like to mention that this is VERY incomplete to what I was ultimately going to discuss.


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