The Sun god, Polytheism, and the hive mind.

Like many, if not all of the interesting creatures on this site I consider the prospect of a humanoid supernatural deity highly suspect, I think that the heaviest blow rendered against the cloud man is one of free will. If He made us this way and He knows exactly how our lives will play out and unfold according to His plan, then heavenly justice is the least just commodity that can be conjured up. What are we supposed to do, suprise Him? That would be wonderful, we would surprise myself if we were still around in a hundred years cause it's going to take a long shot at this rate. Also His existence outside of causality and space-time is troubling. Many of the oft voiced questions like who created Him or whether he could expel gas so potent which He Himself could not bear it arise, along with many of self and consciousness.. how would you know if you were in heaven apart from the senses of your body? How can a finite being transcend, or even adequately contemplate about the realm outside of the universe...the infinite?

Perhaps we can't, however to rule out the prospect of various minor natural deities atheistically seems like it's a step away from the not just the religious component of existence but also the scientific wonder and brilliant possibilities inherent in the universe. Are we really so boldly ignorant as to think our glorified monkey mind is the end-all be-all of intelligence in this bloody big cosmos? Geez I hope not, if all that was in our future was celebrity gossip and penny pinching 9 to 5 in our future id be pulling for Armageddon right along with the fundies. Let me explain why I think there is so much more to it. Supposedly cold-hard scientific materialism says everything we are boils down to a mind bogglingly complex emergent phenomena of the electric activity of within the brain. This isn't that astonishing a hypothesis anymore, many of us intellectually accept that mind arises from matter, although we stop short of wholly embracing our role as mostly passive observers of largely autonomous processes.

The fun part of materialism, for me at least, is that if we really are products of electricity than we almost assuredly are not alone in that claim. Billions of neurons fire action potentials across synaptic clefts and all the glory of an amazing musical symphony, or all the despair of the pits of existential depression result than what about the electrical activity of a 6.9 Billion human minds en masse? Are we to believe that neurons give rise to mind yet we give rise to nothing collectively? I think this phenomena bears a lot of explanatory potential as well, multiple scientific discoveries occuring simultaneously in isolated parts of the planet is just one example. Language in a very real sense is a form of telepathy, and energy transfer could be responsible for many of our social behaviors if we can reveal a brain mechanism devoted to broadcasting and receiving electrical signals. We can create commuters which interact wirelessly, is that our means for communion with this hive mind we call the internet? is it really so much different than accessing our own hippocampus?

The concept of Gaia, the earth mother, seems if not probably than at least entirely possible within the framework of electrical events giving rise to consciousness. If the human brain is a 9 volt than the Earth is an million bolts of lightning. We might do well to give that new movie about the earth taking over our minds and initiating self destruct mode more than a passing thought. On the flipside, maybe we could aid mom in deflecting some worrisome asteroids bounding her direction. Ra the sun god, he's supposed to be showing up again in a major way in @012. I can't help but wonder if she shares some of our hopes and fears, communining with bigger more powerful stars, watching over her lesser planets and microorganisms. Looking forward to a point in space-time when her fuel is forever exhausted culminating in a brilliant supernova.. perhaps meeting her maker?

Actually taken to it's logical conclusion materialism leaves a lot of room for a God with a big G to jump in. A billion neurons create us. There are billions of humans, many many planets, trillions of stars, untold numbers of galaxies, many universes again? You know what maybe we'll even get there

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