The struggle against religion, a common human problem!

Dear present!
I address to atheists, but not to spies from enemy camp or to any easy riders swindlers.
Fondly to think that the religion sometime capitulates.
Many governors - if not all - with it are tied.
And we know that they need to govern and profit only.
There is a danger that they once - when the suitable moment will be presented - can use scientific achievements to make of all the others cattle. Therefore, I urge scientists to be attentive when governors give money for scientific researches. For example, in Russia already there was information on researches in the sphere of the artificial person. It is presented to us as allegedly chance to make all almost immortal, but after all it is obvious that the artificial body will be available to not all...
And still, I suggest everyone to reflect that all of us live in the different countries and in a certain measure we are separated. Certainly, such tool as the Internet helps to interact, but I insist, to show courage and to try to use one more tool - international language of Esperato. After all you will lose nothing, but it becomes simpler and more convenient to interact. If we chose a progress way, so let's be faithful to this way fully! Let's not only resist to prejudices in the present, but also to remember the future to which we go, seeing it in the consciousness, it will be clearer to us how to correct our way!

P.s. : I add the document, as use example Esperantoateo15.pdf

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