beware of s/he who tells you that they have


something that we all haven’t seen before

something that we are told by them that we haven’t thought of on our own before

because anyone vain & self-righteous enough who thinks that they can stand atop a hill


scream from a podium

solutions & decisions

to the rest of us,

as if we were all just part of their little herd

waiting on their every word,

needs to be taken out

sooner than later,

because no one human being should be doing such for the rest of us---

real positive change in this world comes from

deliberation between individuals,

those who come from all walks of life,

representing them equally

and waiting to hear their say---

to deny us the right to speak

is to deny us a part in human destiny,

and this is outright fascism.


the solution human will be the one who

likes things the way they are,

primarily because the status-quo provides a sort of comfort for them

and complacence, having set in,

wins out---

they feel that they have all the solutions that they need,

and if you criticize them,

you are then asked if you have a better idea,

as if one person should make choices for the rest of us---

better ideas come from better discussions amongst us all,

if you let one person do all the talking

you wind up with a dictator, a prophet, or someone who thinks they are


whatever that is.

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