on wednesday we’ll find out

via Amnesty International,

just how many Palestinians have been

kept in Israeli prisons

without trial &

though the slow strangling of a people

will not cease,

light will be shed on the stark reality

of Palestine’s imprisoned---

yet as the US continues to

pump funds into its little arms box

in the middle east,

constantly increasing the aid it gives its little brother,

the mainstream media conglomerates acting on its behalf

will no doubt gloss over the issue if it is even mentioned at all

(doubtful), rather it will continue to

point its holy finger at China,

wanting them to release the prisoners still left from

the Tiananmen Square massacre

23 years ago.


the pot drills on

screaming “black” at the kettle,

by beefing up the Israeli economy with the development of

new companies there &

throwing scraps in aid to the

Palestinians, with mr. hope & change’s administration

insisting that not a cent be given to Gaza or spent on

road construction &

as turning a blind eye

to the relentless encroachment of settlements

eating up the few crumbs of land left to Palestine

is never a problem for the US,

the complete swallowing up of the nation seems to be

what is being planned.


regardless of the punchy punchy talk

that Israel’s government continues to shout at Iran

(because it can),

the US will back whatever crazy shit

Mr. Netanyahu ends up doing,

helping the insane to go further beyond the pale,

strangling one people slowly,

while getting ready to start a war

which may be the one to end them all.

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