The significance of technology advancement in the development of human behavior.

When my mother and her twin sister were children, they used to pretend that they had telepathy. 

I don't have to pretend. 

I have unlimited text messaging. 


The evolution of travel has been amazing, just in the course of a very few lifetimes. 

Across-Ocean travel has gone from an anomaly to a rarity to occasional to daily. 

The time it takes has been reduced significantly with each step along the way. 

(Adaptation and evolution. It always baffles me how Xtians claim to see their god reflected in the world around them yet refuse to see the reflections of biology in literally every facet of life. )

The Sonic Star will probably make it possible for us to visit our family in Scotland over a long weekend, instead of a full two week vacation to justify the minimal 72 hours of JUST airport waiting/flight time. We will see the ability to go from San Francisco to Edinburgh in less than three hours. 

As people get more and more aggravated with the fact that they spend longer in the airport than in the godamned plane, security measures will improve and become more efficient. Maybe that will trickle down to the middle class affordability range in my lifetime -maybe not. The class war will decide that. But no matter who wins that battle, the technology will indeed exist. 


Three or four generations ago, we were still having to take months-long voyages across the freaking high seas to get to another place. 

Three or for generations from now, we might very well be teleporting. (I find it somewhat foreshadowing that as I type this, Google Chrome underlines 'teleportation' like it isn't a word.)


Look, I don't claim to know what all this instant-access will do for our development as a species. 

I just think that whatever it is...?

It will be big. 

But like the internet, it will be a creeping big. 

It will become so much a part of our lives so very suddenly, that somehow, just because we like it so much, we won't even notice until we look around one day and go 'Holy shit. Did my cell phone come from Hogwarts?"

Ahem.  Star Trek. 

Remember all the stuff that made it cool? 

Communicators? Gotcha, bitch. And I can play Angry Birds on mine. Oh. And even better? Everyone present isn't subjected to BOTH sides of the conversation you're annoying them with. (Haha. Could you imagine a world where it was speaker-phone only?!) 

Medical Tricorders? Alright. I will give you that. BUT...We have lots of other machines that do basically the same thing and we do have a great big version-A full body scanner. 

Really though?  Face it. The fact is, these people were in SPACE for Christ's sake. We shouldn't be catching up with their medical technology. By the time we can hit warp speed (if ever.) We better not be ABLE to die. You better wirelessly load me the fuck up to some motherboard and reset me into the body of a smokin' 24 year old each time I decide I have so much as a cold! 

Technology is moving at an exciting pace. It is causing us to globalize at a rate we've never really considered from a psychological level. 

How many other animals have you heard of in the wild go from one type (I.E Pack, Herd, Hive, Solitary) to something totally different in the course of...well.. frankly a few hundred years? We aren't incredible because god made us. We are incredible because we are the first, in so many ways! Metropolises only exist because of medical advancement which is based! This is all powerfully recent in the scope of species adaptation. 

As atheists, shouldn't we be looking past our religious dogmas of humanity beingmade separately instead of evolving interdependently? 

If biologists can determine basic habitat and social structure optimal for any other primate to thrive in, why haven't they done so for us? 

Why doesn't life come with an instruction booklet? 

Is it because we are so confused as a species due to the leap in behavioral interaction that we don't even know what makes us happy? 


Face it. 

Boob jobs, birth control and the little pleasure jolt you get when you glance down at a naughty text message are hugely fuckifying natural selection. 

The smartest and healthiest are not passing on their genes faster than their lesser competitors. 


Maybe we don't have an instruction booklet for this little shard of existence because we'd just reject it anyway. 


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Comment by Wesley on July 1, 2011 at 2:50am

We certainly are moving at a fast pace and becoming more globally connected all the time. 

Who knows, perhaps the internet is the seed form of 'the collective'  "We are borg, resistance is futile"....  maybe not so drastic as that but it certainly looks like we are moving towards becoming 'connected' for longer and longer periods of time.

The cell phone and the internet...perhaps we will implant them directly into our brains.   Imagine immediate google access for any query?  Perhaps you have some vital information you don't want to you store it online... (isn't this the same thing as memory?)   Say you have a big problem so you assemble a group of experts to work on it.

What it looks like we are moving toward is some kind of human gestault..  A human collective, a hive mind.


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