one US soldier gets blamed for killing 16 civilians in


and the whole world is chattering

like they did when the qu'rans were burned---

this time, after the 16 were shot dead,

they were rounded up & set ablaze---

this time, humans were burned.


so as the media affixes Staff Sgt. Robert Bales’ head

atop a sharp stake

has this put anything in perspective?


for the idiots out there who still give a shit

about the burning of a “holy book” that has been

responsible for torment & deaths throughout history,

this should be a wake up call---

this “rogue” soldier is only one,

he is a pubic hair in comparison to the vast US military

that continues to stomp & kill,

stomp & kill,

all over the world---

yes, he was being deployed for the 4th time &

yes, that is a bunch of bullshit, if in fact the military said that they wouldn’t do it again,


correct me if i’m wrong,

but didn’t he sign the dotted line?

didn’t he agree in the very beginning to become a hired killer?

was he able to write all his own personal exceptions to the rules in the margins of the contract, in hopes that when pressed to the wall,

someone would read them & care?


the way that his “massacre” is being pursued

shows how full of shit

the whole world is,

when they disregard all of the killings that have taken place in much worse situations,

like a Vietnamese baby getting taped to the top of a broken down jeep,

surrounded by c4 & then

subsequently blown to pieces by US soldiers back in Nam,

in order to pass the time---

the examples of the US military destroying civilians across the world

are endless &

there are no “rules of war,”

despite the overwhelmingly naïve belief to the contrary---

this one hired killer

who killed like he was hired to

(kill kill kill &

kill some more),

is being held up as an example,

to pretend as if the US military has standards,

to give another shallow “i’m sorry” to the people that we have been pummeling for 10 years,

while working to cause new friction with the Taliban

so that peace will never be attained,

so that the war in Afghanistan will continue &

Lockheed Martin, Boeing & Northrop Grumman amidst others,

will continue to fuel the military-industrial complex &

when mr. hope & change condemns the soldier’s actions publicly,

he’ll get some election campaign bonus points

from those who still go into the voting booth,

thinking that it matters.


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