The Right Cannot Address Immigration

The political right has been making a lot of noise about illegal immigration. Consistently they blame the immigrants for the problem. This tactic does not address the source of the problem, nor is it consistent with right-wing thinking. This is a lighting rod issue. You'll be hard pressed to find someone openly not oppose illegal immigration from the right. But can the Republicans address illegal immigration? Not unless they want to cannibalize themselves. The Right loves to cite the Laffer Curve and supply side economics. We've all heard of Reaganomics, right? So let's take a look at what is driving illegal immigration on the supply side.

Illegal Immigration in the last two years is down by 67%. Clearly it's down due to the economy. If there is no money to be had the drive to be here goes away. Much of our illegal immigration is due to opportunity. If you remove the opportunity, immigration falls. It's not a drive to be in America, it's a drive to support families in other countries that drives illegals to be here. I know that claim is an affront to ethnocentric Americans, but believe it or not, not everyone wants to be American.

The complaints are often about the money spent educating kids, free medical care, etc. The attack is consistently against the immigrant. This befuddles me. The solutions given include no more English as a Second Language classes, No more two language ballots, no social services, no free speech, etc. But does that address the problem effectively? The reality is that what really drives immigration is jobs and money. So rather than making it hard on the immigrants which is clearly not effective, why don't we make it hard on the businesses and people whom supply the immigrants with jobs? If you really care about the immigration problem, and really want to do something about it, go after those that supply the immigrants with jobs. That's using supply-side economics.

The reality is that it's the farmers and construction companies that do not want to pay a living wage or follow safety rules that drive our "immigration problem". Who owns these companies? Are farmers and small construction company owners known for being Leftists? Middle America where the farms are, are known as the Red States. These are Republicans. Is it a secret or am I making stuff up when I say that immigrants are hired to skirt safety rules?

"In 2006, the work-related injury death rate for Hispanic workers was 5.0 per 100,000 Hispanic workers, compared with rates of 4.0 for all workers, 4.0 for non-Hispanic white workers, and 3.7 for non-Hispanic black workers. During 2003--2006, the work-related injury death rate for Foreign born hispanic workers is 5.9, compared with a rate of 3.5 for U.S.-born Hispanic workers."Source

It's such an open secret that data is kept on it by OSHA, CDC, and others. And it's not even just small companies. My brother-in-law is Czech. When he was younger he cleaned floors for six months in Missouri. He worked for a company that sub-contracted to Walmart and Target. They would lock them in the store overnight. It wasn't safe, they didn't pay taxes, I'm sure no payroll taxes were paid and this is while doing work for major US Corporations.

So let's summarize what's going on. The Republicans are driving illegal immigration in order to avoid employment laws, safety laws, paying for insurance through OSHA. They don't even want to pay the minimum wages in many cases. Then the party turns and complains about how much it costs for the illegal population to be here. I have a feeling that the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. This could lead to some good cannibalization. The next time that you hear a Republican complain about the immigrants, ask them who is driving the immigration problem? Is it the liberal IT guy in Seattle? Or is it the right-wing farmer in Eastern Washington?

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Comment by Gaytor on September 19, 2010 at 3:00am
In terms of a sickness analogy, I would say that they complain about the effects of the disease, but they are also the virus that causes it. Since they are both the cause and the effect, the disease will kill itself if treated effectively.
In order to address immigration, they would have to come down hard on the farmers and construction companies that hire illegal aliens. But this means that they would come down hard on themselves. Instead they point the finger at the immigrants as if they are the cause because it's easy to blame someone else and rake in a few bucks while doing so. Who are they going to complain to? And clearly the electorate can't or won't do the equation.


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