The residue of your past religion, does it haunt you?

I was a Christian before I became an atheist/agnostic... the two confuse me and I cant surely tell which I am. I consider there could be a God, that God however is none of the imaginary gods human history is filled with, maybe a scientist from another universe or the alien theory... I don't call any of them God but creator, the way we think of God is a thing that peeps on humans and is disgusted when you masturbate, the creator I propose wouldn't say would care too much with our daily struggles if it's still alive and can even access us.

      On a happy note I am fully purged of Christianity, to me the church is a boring place. The last time I went to church was because my sister wanted me to be there when she announced she was getting married, I slept through the entire thing even the announcement, LOL.

      In that boring moment I got to think what this place did to me, how they messed with my mind. I came to a shocking conclusion that an atheist might have residue Christianity in them, for me it's their music, it takes me back, forget how bad the church history really is and that God they worship. Then there's my lack of interest in gays, more clearly I don't hate them but I don't respect them. I also have a distaste for Islam mostly from being Christian. I at least don't remember my last prayer, and even when I go through problem the idea of praying never crosses my mind.

      What we were taught in the name of Christianity might still be imprinted in us, how many things do we dislike, think about and disagree on based on the sublime text of previous religions? Do you think witches are bad... what diluted thinker did they turn you into?

      This all leads to my predicament to which I have no credible reason not to except religious cues, is it wrong to get up and personal with your cousin? Up and personal is try and see what it becomes, go into it with a hands on not hands off. You cant say it's immoral or incest as an atheist, negating the best reason as consequences of alienation or a beat down, easily solved by being discrete... is there another logical reason not to? There's a good chance growing higher that it will happen, so as a friend or a concerned party AND an atheist, what logic would you use to sway me to or not to?

      P/S You cant go with biology, old human civilization has cousin marriage a norm, and a parent being a carrier of a genetic disorder can be considered not however be a limiter with emerging technology. Another myth is a child from a sister and brother is severely mutated or MUST carry some genetic problem, not that I would consider my sister, a half sister maybe.

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Comment by Heather Spoonheim on March 7, 2011 at 3:36am

I don't think science has ever suggested that the offspring of brother/sister would be severely mutated.  Actually mutation is something completely different from inbreeding, if I correctly understand the little bit that I know about biology.  In any event, inbreeding is bad, mmmkay?  I'll leave it to someone with more knowledge of biology to explain why, from a scientific standpoint.


Sex with siblings just has an inherent creep factor, in my opinion - although we seem to agree on that point.  Cousins, on the other hand, I think are pretty fair game.  Even if there is some risk from a genetic stand point (again, I'm weak on the science) there is no reason to actually combine your genetic material.  If you actually got married, and got sound genetic counselling against procreation,  AND still wanted to have children - you could always use donor genetic material.

Comment by Doubting Thomas on March 7, 2011 at 9:09am
now that's an atheistic answer, no lightning or curse warnings
Comment by Alejandro M on March 7, 2011 at 10:22am
Darwin married his cousin. I rest my case ;-)
Comment by James on March 7, 2011 at 8:54pm

Atheism concerns belief, whereas Agnosticism concerns knowledge. If you don't believe in a deity you are an Atheist (whether you are open to the possibility or not). Being agnostic means that you do not know 100% for certain if a deity exists or not. Thus they are two claims on different subjects. I am open to the possibility of a god existing, but don't believe one does. But I also admit that I don't know for a 100% fact that he doesn't... Thus I am an Agnostic Atheist, as I would opine a great many here are.

I'd actually say that I am quite different from when I was a believer. I've shed the prejudices I previously held because of my church. My political views are no longer defined by what scripture or the congregation say. I'd actually say I'm more moral, thoughtful, independent, self assured and happier than I ever was as a believer. I honestly can't think of one aspect of religion that I miss.

The only rational downside I can think of with the situation you mentioned with your cousin is that the closer the genes, the more susceptible offspring will be to defect. As Alejando said, Darwin married his first cousin. So I would consider the possible genetic issue, but you'll likely have to worry about the reaction and attitudes of those around you more.



Comment by Gerald Scott on March 7, 2011 at 9:08pm

In Florida there is a sign for a christian church.  It simply says "Scumbags Wanted".  If there was ever a reason I wouldn't go to a church in the first place, that one says it all.  I personally don't know any scumbags and I don't want to be introduced to any.  Thank you.

Comment by Arcus on March 8, 2011 at 12:56pm
Only if it's the offspring of your father's brother. That way you can hyphen two identical surnames.
Comment by Doubting Thomas on March 11, 2011 at 5:18am
there's one thing i know boys still suffer for because of religion it's circumcision, no matter what excuse exists for the behavior it's reasons are purely religious and useless at that. I think i've shed enough blood for the madness and wont shed a drop more.
Comment by Chris Townsend on June 13, 2011 at 3:37pm

Science has shown through genetic study that inbreeding is not a good idea and here is why:  In our DNA makeup, we all have "broken" genes and good genes.  In our chromosomal makeup, we have two copies, one copy we get from mom and one copy from dad.  If the copy from one parent is "broken" then our body uses the good copy from the other parent in it's place so the bad copies seem to be "hiding" in our DNA.  When we inbreed, we tremendously increase our risk of passing along two copies of the "broken" gene and not passing along a "good" copy.  So, since the offspring does not have a good copy to use, it is forced to use a "broken" copy and thus we see a higher frequency of mutations (ie - disorders) in the offspring of an inbreeding event.  So, while it is possible to have a healthy offspring from an inbreeding event, the chances of it being unhealthy is drastically and quite significantly higher.  Hope that helps ya some (which I imagine it doesn't if you were looking for a good explanation to have a baby with your  :)


Anytime you want to talk about aliens...I'm down!

Comment by Kirsten on June 13, 2011 at 4:46pm

   If you're not planning on having kids, all you need to think about is the social aspect. Will it bother you when people make crude jokes? They may. And if you are having kids, please keep in mind, "The absolute risk to first cousins having a child with a recessive genetic condition is about three in every 100 births, unless they have a family history of an autosomal recessive disorder, in which case the risk may be higher."


  Also, Chris: you have a 50/50 chance from either parent of getting a gene. I'm assuming you're talking about recessive genes when you say "broken". Blue eyes are recessive so your example is very, very faulty. Continual inbreeding makes recessive genetic disorders more likely IF your family carries these genes already. You can be tested (as can embryos in uterus) by your doctor.


   If you don't mind the social stigma and you're careful with breeding, you're ok.


Please see for more information related to the specifics of cousin-to-cousin relationships.


(Also: aliens quite probable, but actual numbers unknown. UFO's stealing cows/farmer significantly less probable, but still more likely than Magic Man in the Sky creating himself as a human and killing himself to forgive us for being what he made us.)

Comment by Doubting Thomas on June 14, 2011 at 9:24am
apparently the chris dude is now a science believer and twists it to say science doesn't condone inbreeding... it's common in  nature.


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