Nothing about religion is more ominous than the suppression and destruction of man's power to think and his right to ask question's. Those who set up the religion delusion and set out to spread it ... infecting the Mind of this Planet...Thus impairing Our Mind should be held accountable ! Wonderful ! thing is ... no matter how deep a delusion is set in ... it Will ! expose itself and thus ... then  ... dissolve as the crashing Waves on the rocks of the Ocean. Hey Team ! ! !

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Comment by Carl Rowley on November 5, 2011 at 7:13pm
I've long been saying that the suppression of Critical Thinking is at the heart of every Religion, Cult, 12 step and secret society. So far I have yet to be proven wrong...or for anyone to even come close to proving me wrong.

Religion/Cults et al absolutely cannot withstand the unstoppable onslaught of critical thinking. Scientology even goes so far as to make the suppression of critical thinking its core purpose. They call it the "reactive mind" and use hypnotic techniques to suppress it.

It's no coincidence that cult de-programmers use critical thinking as their main tool. :)


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