The purpose driven life (a review) - Chapter 3 - What drives your life?

Sorry its been quite a bit more than one day since the last chapter review. After having some good godless fun over the weekend (LAN party with 20 of my closest friends), it was very difficult to drag myself back to the sorry pile of steaming crap that is TPDL. (I confess, this is a review but not an impartial one)


According to Warren, people are driven by one of the following: guilt, resentment, anger, fear, materialism or the need for approval. Conveniently, he leaves out all the positive humanist values that could also drive you without having to listen for voices in the dark. This is all supported by oodles of tedious bible verses and some rudimentary philosophy.


This book is obviously not aimed at a heathen like me, but I never stop marvelling at the fact that he keeps on supporting his statements about christianity with bible quotations. That is like trying to convince me that hobbits exist because in chapter 1 of "The Hobbit" it explains how hairy their feet are (inspired by a comment by Matt Dillahunty on the Non-Prophets)


Now Warren asserts that having a purpose has the following advantages: It will give meaning to your life, simplify your life, focus your life, motivate your life, and prepare you for eternity. Again with the reams of bible verses.


I can't really argue with the idea of having a purpose, and also not really with it informing your actions and giving meaning to them. His idea of what your purpose should be is of course complete nonsense, but the idea of having one though is not so repugnant. Preparing you for eternity though? That is just the typical "Believe or Burn"(tm) christian threat.


I am really looking forward to hearing how exactly he claims that you can know your purpose. I remember that being one of the greatest obstacles for me back when I was trying to be a christian. People (especially evangelicals) would forever be claiming how god spoke to them. I sincerely tried but I never heard anything other than my own thoughts. I raised that with my pastor once and he sort of just brushed it off.  I don't really expect any specifics from mr Warren, but it should still be amusing.


Only 37 more chapters after this one, sigh... 

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Comment by Southern Skeptic on June 22, 2011 at 1:04pm
Thanks James, I'll definitely check them both out


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