I stood on the precipice of the Kingdom of Paradise

And looked down on the realm below.

It seemed to pale in comparison

To the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven

Which radiated with beauty,

Radiated with peace,

And radiated with understanding

For all that dwelled within it

To the point that those in the realm below

Would strive to be selected

As an inhabitant of the Kingdom.

This was what drew me to the Kingdom of Paradise,

The Kingdom that has been painted so beautifully

And authors

And poets

And prophets,
And I found myself entranced by what I found in Paradise

And the Holy Spheres that surround it.


As one reads more in to anything,

Be it philosophy, politics,

Or religion,

One begins to see things in a ray of truth

That does not flatter the subject.

A requirement to dwell within the Kingdom of Paradise

Is to give complete faith to the King of Kings.

This is not demanded of anyone

But merely asked for

And I gave mine freely.

In doing so

One is given the symbol of being a subject of Paradise –

Wings with pearl-white feathers.

With the wings one then serves the King of Paradise

From whom all the beauty,

All the peace,

And all the understanding comes from.

The beauty that Paradise exudes

Allows for all the beauty of the Universe

And in the realm below.

With the understanding given by the King of Heaven

One can look down on that realm

And truly enjoy the wondrous sights;

The clouds,

The moon,

The stars,

The galaxies,

That had seemed so magical before.

And it was while I was enjoying these sights that they came,

The ones that spoke for the King,

And demanded that I paid my debt.

I was, of course, confused,

But they saw this confusion as innocence

And explained it to me –

Before my time

Or the time of my ancestors

There were only two;

The First Man and the First Woman.

These two were the parents of the world

And the favorites of the King of the Paradise.

But they broke a rule that the King made
And they were cast out from his grace.

Now because of this, I owe a debt

As I am descended from them.

Again, I was confused

So they left me to think for a while.

I sat on my own on one of the lower Spheres

And looked down on the realm below.

I watched the goings on below

And over time I noticed something.

Certain events would happen,

Terrible events,

To those down below that were faithful to the King.

This raised questions in my mind

And I question one of those that spoke for the King.

He told me of a man named Job

Who the King allowed terrible things to happen to

Simply to show that Job was a faithful man.

Moreover, the King had control over his whole creation

And could, and did, what he wanted.

And I found myself standing at the precipice of the Kingdom of Paradise

Looking down at the realm below.
I stood there for nearly a day

Watching the lower realm

And letting things run through my mind.

As my mind considered all the possibilities of what to do next

I noticed that the understanding from the Kingdom of Heaven

Began to fade in to the background.

It all began to fade;

The sense of peace

And the sense of beauty.

As these feelings left me

I felt as though all of reality was leaving me,

Yet as I looked down on the realm below

It remained.

Every part of it remained.

I could see the beauty I had seen before;

The clouds,

The moon,

The stars,

The galaxies,

All of it was there

And it made me smile.

I turned to face the Kingdom of Paradise,

And with the beauty gone

I saw it for what it was.

There was no glory in this Kingdom;

No Holy Spheres.

It was gray,

Indistinguishable shapes upon indistinguishable ground.

No palace,

No throne room,

No King of Kings.

Just people,

All of them going around under the pretense

That they are in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I looked down at the realm below

And then again at Paradise.

In that instance I made a decision.

I would not be subject to a debt that was not my own

And I would not be a subject of a king that did whatever he pleased.

I grabbed my wing and tore it off

Then the same with the second one.

I stood again on the precipice and looked down at the realm below.

I stepped off,

Falling to the realm below,

Falling to reality,

Falling in to the Inferno.

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Comment by Mike Donohoe on February 18, 2010 at 6:14pm
Wow! Nicely written. I would suggest that as far as I'm concerned the alternatives to Christianity are actually infinite in number. You might find my short blog piece, A Walk on the Beach, to be of interest.
Comment by Keith A. Szilagyi on February 19, 2010 at 11:42am
Well done.
Comment by Gerald Scott on June 13, 2010 at 7:41pm


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