wakes up one early morn

with a brand new personal plausible

excuse &

this will be the answer of all

answers for

her/him, so that s/he may

beat upon the drum

a new web of madness &

stir the masses like a

shit covered stick in a bowl of



religion & religion alone

lets the madwo/man find their

way, endeavoring to take on

the cause of others with more

gusto, bathing in the fictions,

taking her/his place in line behind

the millions of maniacs

who have come before them &

who will unfortunately

continue to conjure up the crowds

with the whipping hands,

with the “speaking in tongues” &

with the lavish getups abound---

all in the course of a


all the in the course of

events laid out to fit a plan

which has no meaning outside the

meaning invented

to illuminate a lie---

the biggest lie of all.


with this lie in hand,

s/he walks among those who have

had a shit deal in life,

whose life continues to be shit &

who in desperation,

have made themselves susceptible to

the trappings of wo/men like these

magical performers

armed with a lie &

all the time in the world to

further weave it into

the collective human



when the performer is observed

by a rational wo/man,

who walks untouched by the

futile dreams of “gods” & “heavens,”

“angels” & “demons,”

there is a want to extinguish

the performance

which makes so many give up on

trying to pull themselves from the

sludge &

instead, pump all their energy, money &


into the furthering of the fictional


but where one fire is put out

another one sparks from the kindling of

the last,

building up the highest structure of

false hope

for another generation.

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