It the Never ending stooooooooorrryyyyyyyy!!!! (And for those of you who have not seen the movie, Don't Watch It!)

Atheism Vs Theism is an old debate, a long and old debate.

I am a dedicated Atheist, I will fight with Theism on every front, but this old tired process of Atheism being the minority is getting on my Nerves!

Why must Atheism continue to be the minority?

The Debate reminds me of an analogy: Two kids are sitting in a sandbox, pulling on a ball, and each is saying "MINE, MINE!!!" But the Theist side is a Giant Brute.

I propose a new way of thinking, how about the ending of all Theist Religions?

It should not be that hard, hell we survived this long.

It is time, Atheists, it is time to stop Religion. It is time that Atheism should take the center stage.

I know that this will work, just trust me on this.

I will admit, it is a bit radical, and somewhat dangerous, but now is the time; we cannot wait another decade; we cannot!

If you shun me, I will fight alone. Hell, I'm an oxymoron already: An Atheist singing in a choir that sings about 'God'.

I offer my idea unto you, the people. Support me or shun me, it matters not.

Knowledge is Power, and that Power will Crush Theism

Viva Atheism!!

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Comment by Galen on January 15, 2010 at 11:02pm
I must strongly disgree! The Neverending Story was an AWESOME movie when I was a kid! 5 stars!

As for the rest, I really don't think we have to try that hard. Religion is on its way out. I firmly believe this. Atheism is taking a strong hold in the world today and is already the dominant position in some European nations. It's a simple matter of societal evolution. At one time in our development, we "needed" religion to explain away all the things we just didn't have the knowledge to explain and no way to attain that knowledge. God has always been a "god of the gaps." As the gaps shrink, so does God.

I'm content to watch religion shoot itself in the foot (over and over and over and over again). We don't NEED to fight it nearly as hard as you seem to think. It's ABSURD and every day more people realize it!

Atheism will win out in the end. It's the only way that the evolution of an intelligent society could possibly go. From primitive superstition to enlightened intelligence. We were ALWAYS winning, we just couldn't always see it :)
Comment by Wendy on January 16, 2010 at 2:27am
Ditto Galen on all points. (especially about Neverending Story.... "SEBASTIAN!!! WHAT'S MY NAME????? SAY MY NAME!!!!!" )

But also... how, exactly, do you propose to oust religion? Think we can just say "We've decided. Y'all who cling to the idea of a god through fear, lack of education, or lust for power... tough shit. We be in charge now, and your invisible friend is banned."

You talk big, but I don't really see an action plan here.... And as far as the idea that we can't take another decade, let's get some perspective on the duration of this battle. This is not a new fight, and a decade is a drop in the bucket of theism vs. atheism history. Epicurus first penned his "proof" against god about 300 years before Christ was supposedly born (and he wasn't the first secularist). You think we can change everyone's mind in a decade? This is a long, slow fight. It is won, not by convincing the die hard adherents of religion, but rather going after the younger generations & educating them. Encouraging active thought, critical thinking, and scientific reasoning. Their atheism should be a natural consequence of that process. There are very few religious folks who can be convinced after they've decided they "know" God, so they're a lost cause.

All we can do is work to keep our society from assuming that the predominant religious perspective is the right one. Keep laws humanistic, not theistically based. That is the way we win the war.
Comment by CJoe on January 16, 2010 at 5:23pm
...yeah, I don't think we can just decide not to be in the minority if we are.


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