The "Movement" Gets More Bad Press - How to Respond

The following quote appears in an article from the UK Telegraph that is once again labeling the new atheist movements as all polemicist god-bashers.

"That’s the trouble with the new atheism of the Dawkinite, occasionally ranting, intolerant variety – it is seeking to create a movement based on a non-belief, based on the absence of something (belief in God) rather than on the presence of something (belief in something else). It is entirely negative, allowing itself to be defined by its relationship to religious people: “They are crazy because they believe in God; we are rational because we don’t."

The full text is here:

I feel like despite sites like this and other movements to bring atheism, secularism and non-belief to the forefront, the actions we are hearing about are giving a bad name to the new atheist movement. I went on a fairly lengthy exchange with the President and several board members of American Atheist, about their billboard project. I was adamant and still am that to present our message as one of "we are smarter and better than you and you are just crazy" is not the way to bring people out in the open who are atheists or bring people who may be on the fence into atheism or secularism. This is a simple concept. You can cause reaction and debate without insulting people. We all agree of the absurdity of the invisible man in the sky, but to combat articles like that showing up in mainstream media in the US the UK or wherever, we need to be out there in a positive yet equally as thought provoking way. I feel very strong about this.



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Comment by Heather Spoonheim on March 25, 2011 at 11:32am

I agree with you on the AA billboards and I'm not comfortable being associated with that Silverman guy.  I have argued for years that we shouldn't be bible bashing, and especially that we need to state our beliefs rather than "non-belief".


One of the biggest problems that I see are the newly ordained atheists who are still reeling from the mental anguish of having to resolve their theistic philosophies in solitude.  Over and over I see them preaching about how cruel god is and how anyone who follows him is amoral.  This, for me, is a very ironic perspective when argued by people who claim to believe there is no god.


Sometimes I wish that there was a workshop somewhere to help atheists resolve some of this conflict before they set out to deliver their own "Hitch-slaps".

Comment by palebluejosh on March 25, 2011 at 12:37pm
Haha hitch-slap


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