today “the last of the funerals”

takes place &

the killings in CT get placed on the


alongside the deaths at Columbine,

Virginia Tech...


those were the “big ones” right?


well, now, Aurora was a “big one,” right?

but it didn’t happen in a school, hmmm…but

12 died & 59 were injured---

still, everybody can attribute that to the

fact that the kid had orange hair, liked the

Joker & since he did it at the opening of a film,

it made the whole bloodbath almost cinematic

for those in the nation who didn’t die there

or weren’t affected personally by the dead &

injured, right?


sure seemed like a dvd extra to the new

Batman film, the way the media flashed his

picture in that courtroom over & over & over

& over & over & over & over & over,

every hour on the hour.


still, isn’t it true that 3 kids were killed

on 2/27/12 at Chardon High School in Ohio

when Thomas Lane blew them away?

(but he was caught & he only used a

.22 in doing so, in some rural town…so it

must not have been dramatic enough?


he must not have packed enough hardware.)


what about One L. Goh’s killing of 7

in April at Oikos University in Cali,

where he shot nursing students

“execution style” up against a wall?

(but he was 43 years old & ended up

surrendering later at a Safeway, having

used a .45 semi-auto handgun, so…

still must not have been dramatic

enough?  he was 43, over the hill, definitely

not sexy enough.)


do you remember hearing about those?

were those killings media-buzz-clip-newsworthy?


how about the killings on 2/22/12

in Norcross, Georgia (5 dead), or

2/26/12 in Jackson, Tenn. (1 dead, 20 inj.),

or 3/8/12 in Pittsburgh, Penn. (2 dead, 7 inj.).

or 3/31/12 in North Miami, FL (2 dead, 12 inj.),

or 4/6/12 in Tulsa, OK (3 dead, 2 inj.), or

5/29/12 in Seattle, WA (5 dead), or 7/9/12

in Wilmington, DE (3 dead), or 8/5/12 in

Milwaukee, WI (6 dead), or 8/14/12 in Texas

near A&M (3 dead), or 9/27/12 in Minn., MN

(5 dead, 3 inj.), or 10/21/12 in Brookfield, WI

(3 dead, 4 inj.), or 12/11/12 in Portland, OR

(2 dead)?


hmmm…maybe the body count wasn’t big enough

to catch the eye of the six o’clock & the

eleven o’clock as well? 



(think this will be “the last of the funerals?”)


(just who exactly are the “good guys?”)


blame it on video games.

blame it on music videos.

blame it on horror movies.


right, mr. NRA? mr. cowboy-gotta-hard-on-whenever-there’s-



just like those who see the

increasing tropical storms &

increasing mass drought &

then say there is no such thing as global warming,

this america watches the wave of violence growing within

the belly of its empire &

then says that there is nothing wrong with the increasing

tension, stress, oppression & struggle,

brought on by the preference of profit over people,

giving rise to it all.

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