I've been mulling over this idea that all christians, muslims, etc actually pray/worship the same deity.  In the same place of worship, you will find people who believe god hates homosexuals and non-believers as well as people who believe god is an ever-loving deity who considers us all his children.  Now, this isn't a minute distinction.  This isn't exactly the same type of situation that arises between a fundamentalist trying to convince moderates to not wear mixed fiber clothing is it?  This is a massive societal problem.  What irks me more than anything when I think of this is the idea that on Sunday, this all goes out the window.  These personal ideals and attributes of god get put on the back burner so that everybody can get dressed up and go feel like a part of something.  Most of the people are probably operating on a similar plane and just want to belong to a group of like minded people; this is understandable.  Where I get extremely frustrated is how nobody seems to care about the the guy up front who would love nothing more than for all heretics to be burned by the almighty. 

If I were to join an activist group.  Hyopthetically we will say a Homelessness Advocacy group.  I would want to know the goal of the group and the individuals within the group.  If the foundation wanted to end homelessness by providing job/life training but a certain sect of individuals wanted to end homelessness through murder, problems might arise.  My only point here is that people shouldn't rush to feel connected to people without having a serious conversation first.  Connectivity is an amazing phenomenon and there's something to be said about the feeling of belonging somewhere.  I would just simply ask that people figure out with whom they are throwing themselves into a league; what sort of ideals does this person have and are they conducive to my own?  Unfortunately, these are questions you will likely never hear in an organized place of worship.

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