I was just thinking today about Prop 8. I'm in Iowa but I was raised in Southern California. I was bewildered. I live in a state where gay marriage has been ok'd, by courts, mind you, not the people. Oh no! The people of Iowa are mostly furious. Or should I say, the RELIGIOUS people of Iowa are furious. What a crock of BS!

The reason most people are mad about it here in Iowa is because they say gay marriage destroys the sanctity of marriage. What the hell does that mean anyway?!?!? Does gay marriage make your hetro marriage less valid? If sanctity is the concern... then what a bunch of hypocrites they are! (Not that we already didn't know this). If you are worried about the sanctity of marriage then shouldn't you take your vows ENTIRELY serious? TIL DEATH DO YOU APART! You SWEAR before your god! You lie! Where is the sanctity of marriage now?

Marriage is less valid when you are gay? Or when you swear in front of your fictitious god that you will stay in this union FOREVER, and then 2 years later you give up and are filing for divorce.

I am so sick of righteous christians trying to run everyone's life.

Stay out of our bedrooms! Perverts! Watch your own marriages so that perhaps you can learn to save them and bring the divorce rate down!

ok. I've vented :)

peace n' love~

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Comment by Andrew Schatz on May 27, 2009 at 5:38am
Marriage by definition is in between a man and a woman. Marriage is defined by the religion.

How about we forget marriage, and make a new word. That would mean religious types have no say in the matter, and then we can stop taking religious fuzzies opinions seriously.
Comment by Dave G on May 27, 2009 at 11:59am
Marriage's definition has changed, even within religion, multiple times, Andrew. Marriage used to be, in their religion, between a man and many women. Odd how the 'traditional marriage' that religious people are so up in arms about doesn't include that anymore.
Comment by Stacy B on May 27, 2009 at 2:16pm
I'm sure the concept of a committed couple has existed since long before Christianity or Judaism or any religion. I'm not sure how they think it's suddenly all theirs, but they're wrong.

We defined marriage as a legal contract decades, centuries ago. But now, suddenly, it's all about God and churches? How, exactly, does that make any sense?


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