As of today, I’ve been homeless for three years.

My father died last year, and left me over 11 thousand dollars, with a life insurance policy.  To a broke and homeless person, that is quite a fortune. 

With that money, I bought some dentures for this girl I was caring for in Indiana, and I gave some money to the man I lived with in Indiana, who died last May.  The girl I rescued from Atlanta last year.  She was homeless there, as I was.  The man we were living with I met online, and he invited us to come live with him there.  Also with that money, I bought a very beat up truck. 

In July of last year, impulsively, I left a note for my friends in Indiana, letting them know I was leaving.  I left some more money for them, and told them I was driving back to Missouri, to attempt to mend severely fractured relationships with those I have loved the most in my life.  My family lives in Missouri, and my daughter.

Soon after beginning this trip, I was pulled over by a police officer, for an expired plate on the truck, along with dysfunctional tail lights on this truck.  The police officer could of arrested me for an outstanding warrant I had in Missouri.  Instead, I told him my story about my trip back home to hopefully see my daughter.  He let me continue my journey back to Missouri. 

I arrived in my home town in Missouri that night, and checked into a hotel.  The next day, I sent an email message to my own family members, as well as the family members of my ex wife.  I made them aware I was back home, and I desperately wanted to mend relationships with anyone willing to mend their relationship with me.  I also let them know I very much wanted to see my daughter, as I had not seen her in two years. 

The day following that email message to them, they had me followed to a library in that town I was at.  I was arrested at that library, due to an outstanding warrant I had in the state of Missouri.  There was a 2000 dollar cash only bond on this warrant.  Fortunately, at the time of my arrest, I had over 5000 dollars cash on me at the time.  The police officer who arrested me was quite pleased I had this money on me.  He realized I was set up by others with this arrest, and did not want to throw me in jail.

The police officer took me to the station, and I helped this officer process me out of this police station.  While in the booking area of this station, my ex wife called, and spoke with the police officer who arrested me.  She wanted to make sure I was unable to pay the 2000 dollar bond.  To her surprise, I did pay the bond, which is what the police officer told her.

When I was released from this police station, I asked the arresting police officer to call my ex wife, and let her know I had no intention of harming her, or anyone else.  Again, I moved back home to mend relationships, and not harm anyone.  He shook my hand, this police officer, and promised to call my ex wife. 

Yet I learned later, that after this phone call my ex wife made to this police officer, she was having police escorts wherever she went.  She was also having the police patrol her house, and the houses of her family members, due to the fear she had that I was out to harm others.

I finally arranged to see my daughter the beginning of August of last year.  We met at a restaurant and the night was not bad, considering all the trauma inflicted on her by her mother and others.  We shared some smiles and laughs, but she was very distant with me at this restaurant.  She never chose to meet with me after this meeting at this restaurant.  I learned soon after this meeting with my daughter that she has a lot of hatred and anger towards me, due to the lies told to her about me by her mother and others.

The next month, I had court for this arrest.  My crime was frequently violating a restraining order against me, by writing and publishing essays related to my situation with my ex wife, and so forth.  Emailing these essays to my ex wife and her family members violated the restraining order.  I did this often, in the past few years.  My crime was also violating probation for leaving the state of Missouri.

In court, the judge called me up to the stand.  The judge recommended I acquire legal counsel.  I asked for a public defender, from the judge.  The judge said I could hire my own lawyer with the 2000 dollars he was holding for me.  Instead, I chose to defend myself in court that day.  The judge seemed elated about this decision I made, and asked me to have a seat in the court. 

The female prosecutor soon showed up in the court room.  This is the woman who had been assisting my ex wife in destroying me for the past two years.  She sat next to me in court, and let me have it for the crimes I committed.  At that time, I was facing a manditory 6 month jail sentence. 

The prosecutor and I spoke for several minutes, and while apologetic, I did not regret committing the crimes I did.  The prosecutor quickly realized I am in fact not the monster my ex wife illustrated me to be to her.  So this prosecutor ended up defending me in court that day, getting me out of the mandatory 6 month jail sentence.  After being completely rejected by various members of my family in my home town, I ended up living in another VA homeless program- specifically, a Salvation army, in St. Louis.

That last August, I ended up forming a fantastic relationship with a girl I met on Facebook, while staying at this Salvation Army.  She decided to drive from Wisconsin to St. Louis to see me in October of last year.  We had a fantastic weekend together.  In February of this year, I decided to move to a VA homeless program in Wisconsin, near where she lives, so I could continue to care for her.  I remain in Wisconsin presently, and I see this girl often.  So for now, all is good.

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