I often get the impression religious people think of themselves as humble. Even atheists can find themselves admiring the humility shown by many theists in day to day life. They certainly don't all act as if they're better than everyone else. So, I wonder what humble beliefs they may hold...

They believe there is a god. Even though there's no reason to believe in one, the unexplained mysteries of life, like what (if anything) came before the big bang, or how life on Earth started, are mysteries no longer to these humble people. The answer is an all powerful creator was involved. Where the greatest scientific minds have so far failed to answer such questions, they need only have turned to the humble believers who have it all figured out.

What else may they believe? They may believe that out of the billions of planets in the universe, this one is the most important to the creator. Sure it may have taken 9 billion years to create this world, but still, it's the most important.

This planet has an abundance of life. I wonder which lifeform the creator prefers over all others? The humble believers would say it's humans. Does it matter that for millions of years there were lifeforms without large bodies (just simple bacteria, etc), then lifeforms with large bodies which evolved for millions more years, including the dinosaurs which existed for millions of years, until modern man came on the scene just 150,000 years or so ago? Does it matter that modern humans almost went extinct at one point? Does it matter that disease and natural disasters kill countless humans each year? No, these things do not matter. Even though humans are related to all species on the planet, the creator likes humans best, and has a special plan for them.

Who is the creator? The humble believers know. They believe they are worshipping the correct god. They have managed to narrow down the list of gods which runs into the thousands, to just one. Much of the time without any research into them! It doesn't matter that millions believe in other gods, or millions used to believe in gods that are no longer popular. As long as a god is being worshipped in the place and point in time they happen to be born, a humble person would consider it good to join in.

They may also know which religion has this god's blessing. Even if there are hundreds of groups following this god in slightly different ways, humble theists know which one He (they may also know the creator's sex) prefers. They know the specific books this god has helped write; again, without much research.

And to round off the list, the humble theists have discovered how to live forever. They have managed to find out how this god prefers to be worshipped, and worshipping this god in the correct way will ensure they get eternal life. They know how to survive their own deaths and carry on existing in a perfect realm, even though other humans won't, the sun will roast planet Earth and eventually our galaxy will collide with another.

Don't you stand in awe at this great display of humility? I know my jaw drops.

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Comment by Reggie on June 16, 2009 at 9:32pm
I often find the religious to be quite the opposite of what they claim to represent in almost all areas. I know, I know, I probably win a Captain Obvious Award for that comment.

Good post and excellent perspective on religion's humbleness.
Comment by Misty: Baytheist Living! on June 17, 2009 at 5:28am
Great post and now featured!!
Comment by Misty: Baytheist Living! on June 17, 2009 at 5:28am
Er.. um.. apparently someone else featured it before I did, but didn't say so.. ~looks around shifty eyed~
Comment by Michael Gibson on August 6, 2009 at 7:17pm
Nice way to highlight one of the many hypocrisies inherit in religion.


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