This is a further response after watching a video posted here earlier about this kid was seemingly being fooled around that Jesus made a lightning a....

Kids of the religious are seem to be unlucky these days. If they’re not being molested by pedophile pastors, or getting married at the age of 13 to their 50+ year old religious founder… The adults are embedding these superstitious practices in their head and making them believe these things are real. The saddest part however, is that these kids carry these superstitions in their minds 30 years later or more.

I call this inability to identify obvious reasons “the god-overrating principle”. These are incidents where, theist people, by disregarding the obvious, tend to thank a god, or think of a god for things that happen without any deductive reasoning. One example is that of the Head of the Catholic church, pope John Paul II. After getting shot in an attempted assassination, he made a statement that he survived because of “Our Lady of Lourdes” —ignoring the 9 surgeons who successfully took out the bullet and saved his life and never thank them in return. Another incident —where I myself was involved —was the relief efforts in Haiti after the Earthquake in early 2010. Hundreds of rescuers from around the world, skipping weeks away from their families to dig up half-dead Haitians buried in rubble, and generous donors of food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and money… were all treated like they never really done anything let alone existed… as the Haitians praised this god with full unreasonable devotion.

I’m pretty sure all those selfless people never, ever mind being thanked in national television, we don’t even mind if they’ve thanked their imaginary floating space god along with us, but to be completely disregarded of the work we made was a totally unappreciative with an irrational sense and is really quite insulting. It could have been better, too, if they just never thanked anything or anyone at all.

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Comment by Random Cairene on September 10, 2010 at 4:37am
It's funny how the pope thanked the lady of the lourdes and ignored god


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