because the music industry is

dead as a fucking doornail,

they grip hold as long as possible

to whatever pop singer can pull

in the most idiots to sell whatever

can be marketed by these big useless

companies that used to feed us CD’s

& have a monopoly on the recording



we discovered

how to do it on our



and so we have


the male version of

gaga, after she got fat,

the male version of britney,

before she shaved her head,

the male version of

the next latest craze that seems to

be taking longer to

evaporate than most,

because, well,





so when it was revealed recently

that mr. park jae-sang

had “anti-american lyrics”

professing a hatred for us
“yanks” & shouting for the deaths of

all our kin

because of the war on Iraq

being committed then by our wonderful

big military dick, which goes pounding all

over the world,

it came as a shock to every dimwit,

who after like 3 fucking months,

is still trying to mimic the man’s Korean,

in hopes of one day becoming


because of the manufactured dance song,

which has been played by youtubers

non-stop, for what seems like


the world has cringed, wondering if they

can continue to worship

a pop singer,

who has sung














dead &

it’s moral fiber is being questioned &

ooh, how it makes everyone tremble---

should they agree with him & hate the

empire that made him huge

by pushing his pop trash all over the

place, or should they denounce him &

embrace the killing machine that was

responsible for the death of

kim sun-il, the South Korean who lost

his head because he was a representative of

a country that is like a little toddler brother

to the US, who was obligated to send

troops in, so that the brilliant war effort could

go on raging?


keep your eyes peeled on your screens &

watch the US music industry mop up all the negative

vibes, so that mr. psy can be painted pretty

again---watch him perform for president hope &

change & watch everybody refuse to develop any

different view of the

good ol’ US of A---

for politics is for the thinkers & certainly not the pop



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