The fastest growing religion in the world...? DERP

Im now sicked of hearing that X religion is the fastest growing one, people think that because his religion has more suscribers is better and more true than others? even when they dont have a clue about what they are talking? that they just hear their preacher said so, so is true and they swallow it up as if where extasis of their mind? an extasis of ignorance?

well see what i found out

Claims to be the fastest growing religion

[edit] Christianity

Globally, The World Christian Database as of 2007 estimated the growth rate of Christianity at 1.38%. High birth rates and conversions in the Southern Hemisphere were cited as the main reasons for the increase.[6]

Pentecostalism, described by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life as a group of charismatic movements,[7] has grown, according to researchers, from 72 million in 1995 to 525 million in 2000, though some have criticized these numbers as defining
Pentecostalism too broadly.[8] According to a 2005 paper submitted to a meeting of the American Political Science Association, most of this growth has occurred in non-Western countries and concludes the movement is the fastest growing religion worldwide.[8]

In Vietnam, the US Department of State estimates that Protestants in Vietnam may have grown 600% over the last decade in Vietnam.[9] In Nigeria, the numbers of Christians has grown from 21.4% in 1953 to 48.2% in 2003. In South Africa, Pentecostalism has grown from 0.2% in 1951 to 7.6% in 2001. In South Korea, Christianity has grown from 20.7% in 1985 to 29.2% in 2005 according to the Pew Forum.[10][11]

[edit] Deism

The 2001 American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) survey, which involved 50,000 participants, reported that the number of participants in the survey identifying themselves as deists
grew at the rate of 717 percent between 1990 and 2001. If this were
generalized to the US population as a whole, it would make deism the
fastest-growing religious classification in the US for that period, with
the reported total of 49,000 self-identified adherents representing
about 0.02% of the US population at the time.[12][13]


Data for Islam reveal that the growing number of Muslims is due primarily to immigration (in Western Europe) and higher birth rates (worldwide).[19]

  • The "Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life" stated
Islam is already the fastest-growing religion in Europe. Driven by immigration and high birthrates, the number of Muslims on the continent has tripled in the
last 30 years. Most demographers forecast a similar or even higher rate
of growth in the coming decades.

[edit] Wicca

  • The American Religious Identification Survey gives Wicca an average annual growth of 143% / 11,454 for the period 1990 to 2001 (8,000→134,000 - U.S. data / similar for Canada & Australia).[1][21]

[edit] Non-Religious

  • The American Religious Identification Survey gave Non-Religious groups the largest gain in terms of absolute numbers - 14,300,000 (8.4% of the population) to 29,400,000 (14.1% of the population) for the
    period 1990 to 2001 in the USA.[1][21]
  • In Australia, census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics give "no religion" the largest gains in absolute numbers over the 15 years from 1991 to 2006. from 2,948,888 (18.2% of the population that
    answered the question) to 3,706,555 (21.0% of the population that
    answered the question).[22]

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