Welcome to my blog. I have never written a blog, or anything recreationally for that matter. Its new to me, this world of words. Words.They are fascinating aren't they. Powerful. Words are everything. They are knowledge. They are communication, friendship. Love, Hatred. Weapons. Medicine. You can achieve anything with words. So i guess I will start by explaining, with words, what I intend to achieve, with words.

I am going to attempt to convey this magnificent, elegant, opulent world we live in, this fantastic planet so beaming with life, flying through a colossal universe with billions of burning balls of hydrogen and helium for your eyes to read, and hope to show that true beauty can be achieved without believing in a god.

I want to explain the title of my blog. I am sure you will probably have an idea as to what it may mean and it can mean what you want it too, its how you percieve it. But I will tell you what it means to me.The Fanciful God. The word fanciful has several meanings. This is the fabulous thing about language is it not? One word can have so many meanings. One sentence can be interpreted so many ways. The word fanciful can be defined as below, according to http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/fanciful?s=t;


characterized by or showing fancy;  capricious or whimsical in appearance: a fanciful design of butterflies and flowers.
suggested by fancy;  imaginary; unreal: fanciful lands of romance.


led by fancy  rather than by reason and experience; whimsical: a fanciful mind."
Imaginary and unreal. The Imaginary God. The unreal god. Or, rather sarcastically, the whimsical or capricious God. But these are just my views. I do not wish to offend, rather, create opportunity for debate or to show people true beauty and bliss. If you do one thing today, look at something beautiful. You can find beauty where you least expect it, things that would not be deemed beautiful by society. You need to look deeper. The most eloquently beautiful thing I have seen today is nothing simpler than an apple peeler. An insignificant piece of engineering that is so simple, yet effective and efficient. And it creates joy for the user, who has just removed a difficulty from their day. Enjoy, I hope you stick around.

You can view the rest of my blog at thefancifulgod.blogspot.co.uk. Be sure to have a look and let me know your opininions.

Peace and Love

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