The Failure of Modern Christian Apologists

I often try to corner theists on theology. I face them with what their Bible says literally and/or at it's base. For example, your spiritual leader promises to come back as a mass murderer. He's the child of a rich man whom promises you a mansion if you'll just give up all of your money today for a promise. Where is it that TV Evangelists get it from again? More often than not, I'll get a disingenuous side step and they'll say that you need to listen to theologians or read a specific book. It doesn't require a theologian to explain why forcing a woman to marry her rapist is a bad idea at it's base. And the book, that's a dodge of the question in hopes that you'll forget the question. 

I saw a video this morning that really shows the problem of theology. It illustrates the lack of understanding and where theists get it wrong. It shows why they need to talk to theologians to understand basic tenants. I suspect that it boils down to sitting with the same "spiritual leaders" over and over whom just repeat the passages that they know. I suspect that it's the daily devotional books that direct you to the same happy/feel good passages day after day while skipping over the Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. In fact, in this video, you can see Rachel Maddow corner this man on the horrors of his religion and he refuses to admit what it says. He gets it so wrong that he really doesn't understand Christianity in a civil society at all. The New Covenant and purpose of Jesus is lost on this man. Start at 4:30 and go to 5:50

This man gets the theology so wrong that he doesn't even understand the meaning behind the Wages of Sin is Death passage. A core fundamental of Christianity. It's not as if a person were born, never sinned as if he were a modern day Enoch, that he's going to walk with God into Heaven. The entire premise of the Wages of Sin is Death is that we are all going to die due to the Original Sin. After that death, you will be judged and the only way to be judged favorably other than following the Old Law (good luck) is to be on Jesus's VIP list. You can't be a modern Christian and use the "Wages of Sin is Death" passage as a justification to commit violence. Matthew 7:1 Judge not lest ye be judged. or have you heard of the passage "Let He who is without sin cast the first stone." He missed not only the mark, but his entire religion. 

Theists, this isn't difficult. There is some depth to your religions. But the premises are like oil sitting on the water. You can dig deep and dance the night away and listen to apologists if you like. If you dig deep enough, you'll forget that there is oil sheen on the top of the water. Here's a fun one. I'll mix what is said versus an apologists justification and my reading of it. Jesus refers to a woman as a dog in Matthew 15:22-28 to show that all peoples are accepted under his wing. Even though he notes that he was sent "only to the lost sheep of Israel" Matt 15:24. And he does so only when no one is looking because he's hiding out in a house (Mark 6:31). And only after he's mistreated her and barely got past the disciples by whining and begging (Matt 15:23), does Jesus give her what she needs. You can accept that premise of the apologist, or you can dig further and think about who Jesus is. A guy who said bring those that would not have me rule over them and slay them before me (Luke 19). A guy who promises to slaughter the world and judge everyone. This perfect and altruistic being needs to be justified for calling a woman a dog, but not for slaughtering those that simply didn't believe his story. If you believe this and that it's a worthwhile venture to dig at a deeper meaning for every nuance, then you, like David Bahati of Uganda, have fully missed the nature of Christianity. 

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Comment by Matt on December 28, 2010 at 9:52pm
Absolutely typical indoctrination by Church leaders around the world. Gays and Lesbians are not to be prejudiced against any more than Atheists (LOL) or Black people. It is very ironic to me that an African man is speaking out AGAINST a civil rights movement. lol clearly this guy is insecure about his own sexuality. There is nothing preventing him from being straight; all he needs to do is make up his mind which side of the fence he wants to live on :] LOL
Comment by Mo Trauen on December 30, 2010 at 2:16pm
It's a delusion.  Delusional people indulge in delusions in order to feel better about their lives.  Naturally, they focus all their attention on the parts that make them feel good and are in denial about the rest.  This is the same attitude they take toward evidence, which is what made them delusional in the first place.


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