great minds

not lured in by the need

to assert power over


but yet to invigorate

themselves &



hand the baton of

knowledge, practice,

discovery, utilization &


from hand to hand

(as one dies the next

begins---like one candle

lighting another


in an ever expanding


when staring out into

the cosmos,

egging on the populace,

whose own growing love

for science is something

so beautiful that it evades


one just has to smile,

having enough time in a day

to sit down with a fresh


taking the moment to embrace

the personal unknown,

in the attempt to continue

fostering a scientific literacy


so that very understanding

can be passed on,

from friend to friend,

family member to family

member, parent to child &

between children,

in hopes of widening our



regardless of all those

useless, dogmatic cogs,

who would have us do


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