while s/he was playing the game

following the rules

doing what her/he was told &

living the life of a

good citizen,

s/he was walking evidence of

a system which had worked,

grinding its gears to churn out the

proper amount of


allegiance &


which kept her/in check &

the people running things


for what they wanted was being done &

so the story went until

one day, the clock stopped ticking

the way that it had been &

the routine nature of

master & slave

was derailed---

said good citizen found a light

shed on a part of their existence

which had been kept from them prior,

in fact it’s fair to say

they stumbled upon it,

as even those who have perfected

the art of keeping things from the many

still make mistakes, as humans do &

when the mistake was found,

that fatal hole in the curtain allowed

her/him to see right through.


s/he could have kept it to her/himself &

had s/he done so,

then life would stay comfortable,

life would stay the same & the routine

would not be tampered with,

but the conscience eats at one who

holds within them a greater notion of

what justice is & what it means to

seek a better life for all of us while we

are together on this planet---

it will not let one rest,

once the knowledge is uncovered &

implanted in the mind of someone

who discerns its value to be of

great importance to the world---

so the once “innocent” individual

becomes “guilty.”


overnight, the process can take place,

once the curtain has been pulled away &

the powers that be

who don’t like what they see,

will find a way to

make an example

out of this person who

had been haunted by truth &

who felt that if they hadn’t revealed it to

the world, then

they would go mad from keeping it



locked away in a cell,

kept from the light,

kept from their friends & family,

kept from all the freedoms they once had,

meant to rot to death

withstanding periods of torture &

long drawn out periods of

boredom & fear,

until the heart stops beating---

just as it was meant to be.

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